Rajat agrees to marry Karishma in Shastri Sisters

Minty accuses Anu for stealing the CD and takes the search team there. They find everywhere and the CD is found on Anu’s cupboard. Alka arranges Karishma’s cupboard and a saree falls. She says this saree looks like a worker clothes, and sees the utensils basket. Alka says she is worried about Anu. The senior asks them to play the Cd on a laptop and check. Minty says I told you. They check the CD and it’s the confidential CD of Operation. He says the CD is of the operation. Minty gets angry and goes to slap Anu.

She says now I understand what you were threatening me, that we have seen your good side and we should see your bad side, is this your bad side, I did not know its so bad, your aim was so good that you ruined my son’s life. Rajat geats tears in his eyes. Anu says no, I don’t know anything about this. Shastri ji defends her. Rajat thinks about Minty’s words and the CD found with Anu. The neighbors start gossiping about Rajat. He thinks about Anu and cries as he is handcuffed and taken. Karishma comes home and cries. Karishma tells Bua ji to save Rajat else she will do anything.

Bua ji says I can’t do anything, it’s just he can do. She calls her husband and he asks about Karishma. She says about Rajat’s arrest and Karishma is very worried. He says he is coming, as his daughter’s happiness is everything. Her dad Lalit is shown going to meet Rajat’s senior. He gives the orders to him asking him to stop Rajat’s enquiry and free him. Alka sees Devyaani’s missed calls and calls home. Shastri ji talks to her. Alka asks about Rajat, and how is everyone, how is Sareen uncle. She says tell Anu I know she did not do anything wrong. He says yes, don’t know how the CD came there.

Sareen tells the people how can they call Rajat a traitor and scolds them. He asks them to see themselves first and wipes Rajat’s name from the wall. The men put black color on his face and take his pics. Sareen feels much humiliation. Karishma and Lalit take Rajat home. Rajat asks how did he get the enquiry call off. Rajat asks but why did he help him. Lalit says as my daughter loves you. Rajat goes on and sees Sareen’s face blackened and media asking him wrong questions. Sareen is shocked in humiliated state. Rajat is shocked seeing Sareen’s blackened face. Devyaani tells Anu that if Rajat takes your name, it means he does not love him. Anu asks if not. Devyaani says then he loves you.

The media asks Rajat who is the girl who trapped him. Minty says I will tell everyone. Rajat stays silent. Rajat does not say Anu’s name. Devyaani says now I m sure Rajat loves you. Alka tells her everything about Karishma. Devyaani recalls the utensil seller at their home, and tells Alka that Karishma is the one who has made Rajat get arrested. They make a plan to get all those items at home. Neil catches them and they tell him that Karishma is the culprit. He recalls he has seen Karishma. Bua ji talks to Lalit and says she knew it that Rajat will be free when she called him and told Karishma’s worry, as she knows he can’t let Karishma cry. She tells Hari that Lalit is coming with Rajat’s family here.

Lalit brings Sareen and everyone out of the mess. Sareen says thanks for bringing our son back. Lalit says I got my son in law back, and wants a favor to keep my daughter happy, else I will not leave you all. Lalit makes it clear that he will protect Rajat and no one will blame him then. He says he wants Rajat and Karishma to marry tonight. Karishma smiles while Rajat gets shocked. The sisters try to tell Rajat the truth, and even Neil tells him, but Rajat does not believe them, and feels Karishma is a nice girl and she helped him a lot. Rajat gets worried knowing about marriage, and talks to Karishma. He says your dad helped me, its fine, no need to do this marriage drama, its time we should tell them.

Karishma holds him and says I love you Rajat. Rajat is shocked. She says Anu has sent you to jail, when you got arrested, I was so affected, I got peace when Papa freed you, maybe you love Anu even now, I promise if we marry, I will win your heart. Rajat thinks about Anu and the trauma he faced because of her. Sareen convinces Rajat for marriage. Bua ji and Lalit manage all arrangements. Karishma sits for her mehndi. Lalit asks his guards to do all work well. Astha talks to Karishma and says she made this possible. Anu calls Karishma and says you know what everyone know is not true, the truth is you kept the CD. Karishma gets tensed and asks her to meet. What will Anu do to expose Karishma? Keep reading.