Rajat gets arrested by Karishma’s evil plan in Shastri Sisters

Rajat talks to Karishma and she acts very flirty seeing Anushka come to them. Karishma taunts Anu and makes her angry. Karishma changes her dress and wears the bath robe as her dress was spoiled. She asks Anu did she flirt with Rajat in her absence. Anu leaves. Rajat says Karishma that we had to make Anu jealous, not insult her. She says relax. He says be careful next time, I love Anu and respect her a lot. Anu comes home and Devyaani finds her upset. Devyaani thinks Anu has seen Rajat and Karishma together, and wishes she can help him, but even she is unable to come out of this pain, so how can she help them.

Karishma asks Rajat what happened. He says sorry, I feel we should not carry on this plan. He says I can’t lie to Anu, we should tell her we are acting. She says I saw her jealous. She says she can go away from me, and when we tell the truth to our families, they will be so hurt, Anu does not like lies. Karishma thinks she will not lose Rajat so easily. Karishma comes home and tells everything to Astha. Karishma tells Astha about the code of some important data she has seen there. Astha says if she can get that CD, then she will break Rajat and Anu. Astha and Karishma plan to use the CD and break their love story. Karishma hugs her.

Someone knocks the door. Devyaani goes to see and gets a gift. She reads Keep laughing Devyaani and opens the gift. She finds a jokes book and says she is sure Neil has kept it, he is stupid to gift me this, thanks Neil. Minty sees Devyaani and stops her. Devyaani says she came to meet Neil. Minty scolds her for trapping her other son now. Devyaani gets tensed. Karishma opens the cupboard and thinks about Rajat keeping the code. She gets the CD and thins of Astha’s plan. She sees Minty and Neil outside and hides. Minty asks Neil to get the wallet. Neil sees her running upstairs and thinks why did Anu come to our house, as Karishma is in Anu’s dress and hairdo. Minty scolds Devyaani and even insults Shastri ji.

Anu comes and defends Devyaani. Minty asks Anu to learn from Devyaani to try something else and taunts Shastri ji. Anu argues with her and asks him to talk to her dad with respect, else she will forget to respect her. Rajat looks on their argument. Anu gets angry on Rajat and says she will not say sorry this time, as she knows she did not do anything wrong. Astha gets a pandit at home who tells Alka to be away from Rohan, else he will die. Alka gets tensed as Rohan gets hurt by Astha’s planning. She thinks pandit ji really told true and maintains distance annoying Rohan. Anu tells Devyaani that Rohan’s leg fractured. Devyaani says she is fed up of bad news. Karishma keeps the CD and hurriedly leaves. She says she will come later and the situation will change in few days. Rajat thinks about Anu.

Devyaani comes to him and asks him about Karishma. She asks did he and Anu swear that they will love and not say it. Rajat asks what, does Anu love me. She asks why, do you doubt she does not love you. She asks does he feel what he said was convincing, and you are happy having Karishma. Rajat says Anu has to open up and say she loves me. He says he loves Anu a lot, and got his heart broken by her hand, it pains a lot, if Anu says she loves me, I will fight with the world and give her world’s happiness, she should tell me just once. She cries and says she is also adamant, she will make Anu say I love you to him, and this is her responsibility now.

Astha and Karishma laugh and say Rajat will find the CD and he will get it in Anu’s room, Rajat will make Anu out of his life. Devyaani makes Anu realize her feelings for Rajat and convinces her to admit it to Rajat. Rajat gives the CD to his senior and gets Anu’s message to meet him. He gets excited. Devyaani makes Anu ready and she looks good. Anu waits for Rajat and smiles seeing him come home. Rajat smiles seeing her. Rajat rushes to the terrace and they have an eyelock. She hugs him and they smile. He says he got her message, asks what does she want to say. She nods yes and gets shy. She says the thing which I wanted to say since many days. He waits for her words.

Anu smiles and looks at Rajat. She says I love… and the airforce people come and arrest him on charges of cheating the country and giving wrong CD to them. Rajat and everyone is stunned. Minty says she knows who has done this and points on Anushka. Will Anushka be trapped by Karishma? Keep reading.