Rehaan gives third divorce to Aaliya; Zain and Aaliya get married in Beintehaa

Rehaan is angry on Aaliya favoring Zain and Surayya in Rida’s murder case matter and getting him proved guilty to free Surayya. Rehaan says Zain that he does not know when he will pronounce 3rd and final divorce to Aaliya and chances are that he may not, says from today everything will change. He asks Aaliya not meet Zain and takes her home. He says he is taking her on holiday along with kids. Rehaan comes to Aaliya’s room and tries to touch her. She wakes up and starts checking her cupboard. He goes and touches her shoulder. She turns back before he could get even closer.

He gets angry and says they are not friend now and says to prove Surayya innocent, she is trying to tarnish Rida’s image and she even tried to send him to jail, says he will not give her divorce now and she can do whatever she likes. He says Zain and Aaliya will not be together now. Aaliya starts crying hearing that.Aaliya informs Zain that Rehaan refused to give the third divorce. He says he will meet her, and she stops him saying she will come to him. Rehaan sees her leaving and calls Zain, to inform that Aaliya is going to meet with an accident, as anything can happen with the car. Zain gets worried and calls Aaliya.

Rehaan’s son informs him that Zara is in his car. Aaliya informs Zain that her car’s breaks have failed and crashes it. She comes out with Zara and asks her if she is fine. Zara says she is fine. She hugs Zain. Rehaan reaches there via auto and calls Zara. Zara runs towards him. Zain sees a speeding truck towards Zara and runs to save her. He rescues Zara, but gets banged by truck instead. Rehaan gets indebted to Zain for risking his life to save his daughter. Zain is in critical condition in the hospital. Aaliya and Rehaan pray for Zain. Rehaan apologizes to everyone. The doctor says Zain is fine now, but has to be kept for observation. Rehaan sits near Zain and apologizes him for his mistake and says he was hating him, but he risked his life and saved his daughter Zara, says he will return back his happiness now.

He gives final and 3rd divorce to Aaliya. Rehaan then gives Aaliya’s hand in Zain’s. Zain and Aaliya smile looking at each other. They come home and do the Nikaah as per all rules. Surayya looks at Usman’s pic and says she fulfilled her promise by uniting Zain and Aaliya. Bilal asks Zarina what will she do now as all her plans failed. She says she will not leave easily and says she will shake hands with Shaziya. Aaliya and Zain ask Surayya to forgive Nafisa, she says she will think about it. Surayya later on forgives her, but Fahad does not forgive her. Zain and Aliya reach holy dargah. A holy man there says they have come together after a lot of difficulty and they should not even touch each other for 1 week, else evil spirit will haunt them again.

Aaliya comes back home, speaks to Zain over phone and asks him to believe in god and forget holy man’s words. Aaliya asks Rehman to take Zarina and Bilal along. Surayya likes the idea. Zarina hears this and gets angry. She says before Surayya comes from Umrah, she has to make her place in this house. Nafisa sees Fahad trying to light on diwali lamps and gives him match box, but he does not accept it. She requests him to give her one chance. He does not at first but then agrees, saying Usman would have asked him to do so. She gets happy. Aaliya and other family members greet happy diwali to each other and enjoy chatting. Nafisa sees Aaliya’s dupatta burning and tries to remove it from her.

Zain runs and throw off her dupatta. He gets worried for her. Zain sees Aaliya sleeping on bed and tries to get naughty but then remembers holy man’s words of not getting intimate for 1 week.Zain tries to keep distance between him and Aaliya, but she removes the pillows and gets intimate to him. Zain wakes up in the morning and reminisces their intimacy yesterday night. She wakes up Aaliya and asks why did she come closer to him when Holy man had warned them not to for 7 days. She says nothing will happen to them and hugs him. Zain is worried in his heart thinking of the evil spirit haunt. What will happen with Zain and Aaliya now? Keep reading.