RK and Madhu finally unite and remarry; Agni plans to kill them in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Madhu imagines her love RK to die infront of her eyes as Bhanu shoots him down. RK comes in calling out Bhanu. Bhanu smiles and says see he has come on our trap to die. Bhanu says I have written death in RK’s fate and no one can save him today. RK acts clever and throws a chemical gas inside, and asks Madhu to close her mouth. They all faint. RK comes in and lifts Madhu to take her out. He also helps Leela and asks her to keep an eye on Bhanu, till police comes. Leela is a cunning woman, and she makes Bhanu run away, and tells the police that she was just making the gas come out of the house and opened the door, and seeing this, Bhanu has run away. RK brings her to the hospital and the doctor checks her.

RK says she is pregnant. The doctor says her lungs have smoke, I will give her injection and she will be fine till morning, you have to be here all night. RK rests by her side all night and she wakes up in the morning to see him. She smiles and caresses his head thinking about his words. Her tears fall on his hand and he wakes up. She finally hugs him forgiving him by her heart.RK brings Madhu home and Dau ji is very happy seeing her. Tara does their aarti and welcomes them inside. Leela joins them saying she can’t stay alone at her house as Bhanu may harm her. Dau ji allows her to stay. Agni is shocked seeing Madhu back. Leela talks to Agni and says Bhanu locked me with Madhu, he got a call and I know it was you. RK asks Dau ji did he sell anything. Dau ji says no, you saved it too.

Dau ji says lets complete the Godh bharai function. They sit and smile seeing each other, while the function gets over. Madhu smiles seeing RK behave like kid, when she makes him have the medicines. She says today I realized love can change a man, and I m ready to spend my life with you and put my world in your feet. RK tells her that he wants to feel his child once and touches her. Madhu gets irked and moves away. She says when you come close to me, I feel scared. He realizes the burden of his mistake and leaves from her room. RK gets unwell and Madhu says she felt his heartbeat has stopped and shouts for Dau ji to come. Dau ji also gets worried and RK gets up saying he was sleeping, he is fine. Madhu gets suspicious about his health. Madhu says my eyes can’t get cheated, how can this happen, that I did not hear his heartbeat, something wrong is happening.

Sanjay comes and meets Dau ji and RK. Agni and Leela try to end the proposal but Sanjay is a really nice guy and accepts Falguni seeing her in widow white clothes. Sanjay says I don’t want dowry and Falguni should get her rights from her first marriage, like her jewellery and property. Madhu and RK are puzzled. Sanjay says I m not asking her property for myself, but for her, suppose if I die or something happens that I can’t support her financially, then…. RK and Madhu understand his positive spirit and tells him that they will five four times of the property. Sanjay is glad. He brings his parents and the marriage is done. Dau ji tells RK that he has missed to see him in groom.

RK tells him about how Abhay cheated him and Madhu and made them get married, and later on he has killed Abhay as he was troubling a lot. RK convinces Madhu to marry again and he takes all the seven vows in his senses. Dau ji does Falguni’s kanyadaan and the marriage gets over. She leaves meeting everyone. RK and Madhu also take Dau ji’s blessings. RK comes to the room and asks Madhu to com with him and close the door. They have a romantic hug. He apologizes to her for all his sins and tells her to light the candles if she has forgiven him. She lights the candle and RK looks on amazed.

He counts all his mistakes and then finally the biggest one, that he has raped her. He says now the apology for my biggest sin, its true I did not know a husband and wife relation after marriage needs a wife’s will, this sin has troubled me a lot. You punish me for this, don’t forgive this, I swear on my dead parents, if you don’t forgive me, I will never ask you the reason, as I have challenged your identity. Madhu says she is happy with him changing so much, so she will forgive him. RK gets happy and hugs her. Agni plans to birn them alive and brings kerosene to put on their room door. What will happen now? Keep reading.