Saachi wins the court case against Saurabh in Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu is focusing on the sensitive issue like Rape. Anandi’s sister in law Saachi was raped by her boyfriend Saurabh. Saurabh took advantage of Saachi’s unconsciousness and gets physical with her. He spikes her drink to make her body and brain numb. Saachi decides to get him punished. Saurabh threatens her that he will send the rape MMS to everyone which he had recorded. Anandi and her family stands by her side and files a case against Saurabh. Last week, court case was going on. Anandi gives testimony against Saurabh and tells the court that Saachi went with him to the party but didn’t tell him to take her advantage. Saachi’s lawyer submits DNA report of Saurabh but the report turned out to be negative as Saurabh bribed the lab technician. Saachi and everyone are shocked. Judge grants bail to Saurabh. Saurabh gets happy. Judge orders to get DNA test done for the other boys who was present at the party.

Jagya scolds Ganga for carelessness towards the patient. Later he comes to know that she was worried about her son Abhimanyu. Dadisaa makes him understand that Ganga is a mother also and was worried about Abhi. She asks him not to raise his voice again on Ganga infront of everyone. Jagya feels guilty and tries to apologize to Ganga. Ganga accepts his apology. Saachi feels bad thinking about her family and therefore decides to end her life. She was about to cut her vein but then remembers Anandi’s words. She decides to confront Saurabh. She comes to Saurabh’s home and finds him coming from the party with his friends. She confronts him and asks him to accept his sin atleast infront of her family so that they don’t think she is wrong.

Saurabh laughs on her and says he won’t accept it as he is going to win the case tomorrow. Saachi is broken and cries. Vivek sees he crying and comes to him. Saachi tells him that she asked Saurabh to accept his crime but he laughed at her. Saachi tells him that she was right and he actually raped her. She tells Vivek that although you will win the case tomorrow but ultimately it will be your loss. Vivek is thoughtful. He comes to Saurabh and asks about Saachi. Saurabh tells him that Saachi wants him to accept the crime which he had not committed.

Next day, Vivek gets ready for going to court and asks his parents and Saurabh to reach at the court directly from the temple. Vivek gets late. Court proceeding starts. Vivek’s watch gets broken and Vivek thinks to get Saurabh’s watch. He opens the cupboard and takes the watch. He sees Saurabh’s phone which he claimed to have lost in the lake. Vivek is shocked and looks at the phone.

At the court, Judge is giving judgement in Saurabh’s favour. Vivek comes and stops the court from giving the verdict. He shows the MMS of Saurabh doing the heinous crime. Vivek is ashamed of his brother’s deeds. Being a truthful and honest lawyer, he decides to bring out the truth and helps Saachi getting the justice. Judge after seeing the MMS, gives the verdict that Saurabh is indeed guilty of Saachi and therefore gives him 7 years of imprisonment. Saachi is happy and tears roll down her cheeks with happiness. Anandi and her family are relieved. Vivek parents get annoyed with him and breaks all ties with him. Saurabh tells Vivek that it is good that you have broken my trust and showed your color. He speaks ill about Saachi, Vivek slaps him hard. Vivek gets treated badly by his parents who accused him as greedy for appraisal. He decides to leave the house. His sister comes and is shocked to know about her broken home.

Anandi asks Saachi to forget the past and move on. Saachi thinks she can’t forget it. She calls Ganga and apologizes to her for her past behavior. Ganga forgives her but Jagya talks to her rudely and asks her to stay away from them. Saachi feels bad.

Saachi has changed for good and comes to the temple for peace. She prays to the Lord and gets the prasad. She meets Vivek outside the temple who tells her that he is shifting to the guest house as his parents are angry with him. Saachi feels bad for him as he is paying the price to support truth. Saachi asks him about the MMS. Vivek tells her that it is safe with the authorities and it is the only proof which will proof her innocent if Saurabh appeals in high or supreme court. Saachi is thankful to him.

Mannu feels pain in his stomach. Nandu tells Ganga about Mannu feeling dizziness suddenly. Ganga rushes to him. Jagya checks Mannu and asks Ganga to take her to the hospital for getting him checked by the pediatrician. Doctor checks Mannu and takes his blood samples. In the evening, doctor gives the report to Jagya and tells him that Mannu’s has more WBC in his blood and tells about his condition as Leukemia. Jagya says, blood cancer and is shocked and shattered. He recalls the time spent with Mannu and gets tears in his eyes. Doctor asks him to take second opinion and get his bone marrow test done. Will Jagya be able to save Mannu from the deadly disease? How will Ganga react? What will happen to Saachi’s life? Keep reading.