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Dadisaa is glad about Anandi’s pregnancy. Anandi goes downstairs with Shiv and sees Dadisaa. Dadisaa congrats them for the double happiness of twins. Anandi greets Makhan Kaka. Dadisaa signs Makhan Kaka. He takes out hand grinder for Anandi. Daddu asks what is this? Dadisaa says it is very good for exercising for pregnant woman. They get glad and hug Dadisaa. She asks her about Subhadra’s behavior towards her. Dadisaa tells her everything. Anandi says may be she doesn’t know about it. She asks her to be careful until she delivers the babies. Anandi recalls eating the cocaine laddoos from Subhadra’s hands. She says she will be careful.

Anandi tells Dadisaa that everything is fine between Anoop and Alok. Anandi asks her to come to NGO with her. Anandi brings Dadisaa to NGO and introduces her to the workers. Jagya tells Niranjan that he is going to hospital. Niranjan stops him and says he needs to talk something important. He says he wants to get Vasectomy done. Jagya asks why? He says he doesn’t want to have his own children. He says he don’t want to hurt Nandu. Niranjan asks him not to tell anything to Gehna. Shiv asks his employee to name the employee who is doing illegal export and import. Mahesh tells him that he is Anoop Shekhar. Shiv gets shocked.

Niranjan comes to Jagya’s hospital for vasectomy. Jagya makes the arrangements for the operations. Jagya and Niranjan come back home after the operation. Gehna asks him to sleep. Niranjan turns and thinks I am sorry. He promises to tell the truth to Gehna when the right times comes. Niranjan recalls Gehna asking him what happened. He turns and sees Gehna. She hugs him and cries. She says you killed your happiness for my happiness. Niranjan asks I opted for this operation for everyone’s happiness. I didn’t want lose the respect which Nandu has for me. He says Nandu and Bhairavi are also my kids.

Gehna feels proud to be his wife and says she will try to become a good wife. Niranjan says you don’t need to prove and hugs her. Shiv is being informed of the terrorist coming to their city. Anandi says she is feeling unwell today. He asks her to rest and he will go alone. Anandi tells I love you. Shiv kisses her on her forehead and says I love you too. He comes and tells bye to his unborn kids. The terrorist collides with Shiv. He recognizes him and gets shocked. Rajeev tells Shiv that they got the news about terrorist seen in the city. Shiv and Rajeev see the same terrorist. The terrorist talks to his men that he couldn’t escape from there.

Shiv and Rajeev find him again and asks him to surrender. The terrorist shows him the bomb. Shiv says no one will fire. Shiv tries to reason with him to surrender. The terrorist says he didn’t come to beg, but wants to kill the people. The reporter tells about Shiv going after the terrorist to nab him. Shiv follows him. The terrorist fires bullet on Shiv. The media and everyone present there are capturing their fight in the camera. Shiv faces him like a true soldier. He throws Shiv, but he gets hold of his scarf. Shiv is about to fall from the terrace. Police goes to the terrace.

Anandi comes back to her room and looks out for her phone. She wonders why Shiv had not called him until now. Anandi dials on the number, but it comes as unavailable. She gets worried. Shiv falls and is seen in a pool of blood and gets unconscious. Anandi is shocked knowing about Shiv. The media tells that the police is bringing Shiv to the hospital in a critical condition and hopes he gets well. Shiv is brought out of the operation theatre. Everyone is shocked to see his condition. Shiv is unconscious with bandages all over his head. Everyone cries.

Alok and Anoop assure Daddu that Shiv will be fine as their blessings are with him. Anandi comes inside and looks at him. She holds his hand and sits at his bed side. She keeps his hand on her tummy to make him feel baby movements. Anandi says I will fight with destiny, won’t let you go anywhere. Shiv says he have to go. Shiv asks her to be strong for their kids. She says you are not only their mother, but have to be their father too. You will feel me around you always. I promise you. Anandi cries and assures that he will be fine. hiv takes his last breath and dies. Anandi shouts Shiv. Will Anandi cope up with Shiv’s loss? Keep reading.