Sagar Khurana trains Lajjo to climb up the stairs of success naming her as Trishna in Gustakh Dil

Lajjo joins Sagar’s dance academy and the girls there does not stand Lajjo. They want to shoo her off but making her fall in Sagar’s sight. They train her wrong steps. Sagar comes and asks Lajjo to show some dance if she knows. Lajjo does what they taught her and Sagar gets angry seeing such a flop dance. Ayesha and Adhiraj argue about the money. Adhiraj tells her that he can’t tell her the matter clearly. Ayesha gets annoyed and leaves. Ravi comes to the diamond store where Nikhil works and is shocked to see Nikhil as the salesman. He feels odd infront of his friends and leaves. Nikhil thinks now there will be big issue at home.

Sagar asks Lajjo to do the dance she knows. He says do you know classical dance, when did I say I want to see modern dance, lets see your classical dance. Lajjo dances and Sagar is impressed by her. The girls rag Lajjo seeing her alone and make her do their petty works and clean the room before she leaves. The maid comes and asks Lajjo not to clean the room, as its her duty, but Lajjo helps her. Sagar talks to Barkha and tells her everything about Ratri. Barkha says how can she be so unprofessional, the sponsors will sue us, what will we do. Sagar says I have someone else instead Ratri. Barkha asks who is this girl, is she a known face. Sagar says no, trust me, she will become something, I need your approval. Barkha says I trust your judgement. Sagar thanks her for her support and asks her to come back soon.

Sagar names Lajjo as Trishna and asks Anjali to do Lajjo’s makeover. Anjali agrees and waits for Lajjo. Sagar asks Lajjo to come soon. Lajjo is on the way and comes to know that Mili met with an accident. She rushes there first. Sagar waits at the sponsors meeting and Lajjo turns up late. Sagar scolds her and does not listen to her why did she come late. Lajjo looks horrible and tired in her outdated saree. Aarushi is shocked and asks who is she, will she become the star whom Sagar selected. She insults Lajjo and says I m sorry I can’t sponsor her. Aarushi says no one will sponsor her, I m sure you know the difference between charity and sponsorship. Sagar asks her to trust his judgement and give Lajjo a chance.

Aarushi says I can give only seven days to change her into a princess, show me your talent. She says I will make your show successful. Ravi comes home and tells everyone that Nikhil works as salesman. He scolds Nikhil but Nikhil does not care. Ravi says you are ruining your name, you don’t care about our respect, don’t you have any self esteem, are you not ashamed. Nikhil says why, am I a thief, or smuggler, no one is born as CEO, they have to start from rugs. Inder feels Nikhil should be left on his own now as he is mature enough to take his decisions.

Ratri comes to Nikhil’s store and gets an instant interest in him. She takes lift by him and they go for dinner. She asks is he and Ishaana together. He says no, and she becomes glad not knowing he is married to Lajjo. Sagar comes to know about Mili’s accident. Mili tells him that Lajjo came to meet her and did not let her cry by keeping her busy in stories. Sagar apologizes to Lajjo. Lajjo tells him that she wanted to tell him about Mili and asks him to become a responsible father. Sagar nods a yes and is happy seeing Lajjo’s honesty. Lajjo practices till late and dances well. Sagar asks her to go home. Lajjo thinks how to go as its raining outside. She still leaves. Sagar sees him on the road and asks her to take lift. He drops her home. Lajjo feels he is not that bad.

A robber comes I the diamond store and scolds Nikhil asking him to give him the diamond sets. Nikhil bravely fights with him, asking him to throw the gun. The man shoots at Nikhil, but he is saved. Nikhil catches the guy and calls the guards. The man tells Nikhil he will regret, he will take revenge after coming out of jail. Mamta praises Nikhil. Nikhil says I don’t know how I got strength in me, I felt nothing can happen to me.Nikhil starts feeling that Lajjo is his strength who will always be with him, no matter how far she stays. Will Nikhil come to know about Lajjo bring superstar in the making? Keep reading.