Samarth abuses Shobha and breaks her trust in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh

Sarika argues with Samarth about Shobha. She says you can’t control your wife. He says she is my wife, I love her, I m giving her space. He says I was in jail, and I understand no one falls from balcony easily, I know you and how much dirt you have, don’t think to use me, take my advice. She smiles and says I knew this, that he did not change, but why is he acting to be ideal husband, there is something that he is hiding from the world, I have to find out. Tiwari meets Samarth and asks him to help in coming elections. Samarth agrees and is glad that he will get nominated again. Samarth tells about his plans to act good.

Sarika comes and says well done, it’s a good game you are playing, you should have told me, I will support you, we can both get together and manipulate Shobha. Sarika comes to Shobha and says Samarth has changed, I hope the world also sees this. Samarth hurts Vikram, scolds and threatens Vikram losing his temper. Samarth talks about press conference Sarika says its good arrangements, is Shobha ready, will she say the truth. He says she really feels I changed, even others think the same. Shobha tells Vikram says she is giving a chance to Samarth for kids, and even you should give him a chance, he is trying to change a lot. She thinks press conference will be starting now, and tells him.

Vikram says you gave him chance, not forgiven him, you can’t give wrong statement. She says I m in dilemma, I don’t believe he changed, there is no guarantee, Sharda told me to support him. Shobha comes to press conference and gives positive result about Samarth. Shobha says I have forgiven Samarth, he has apologized with honesty, he did mistake, but he did not murder, rape or steal anything, many such people are there, you should question such people, Samarth got the punishment. Samarth says I feel it was a plan of opposition party, forget it now, I just know if my family can forgive me, country can give me a chance. Vikram tells Nani that Samarth is fooling us to make his image good in politics, so he kept the press conference to show he is good man, and I know what will he do with Shobha, he is still a creep, he did not change.

Sarika gets glad and says you played a good game and made Shobha lie. Samarth says she is your Bhabhi. She says about Shobha applying lep to Vikram’s hand, she cares for his pain, not yours. Samarth gets angry. He takes Shobha for lunch, and Shobha asks Samarth why did we come to room when we came for lunch. He gets angry and asks why is she treating him as stranger, we have two kids, we are husband and wife, we have something between us, why do you stay away from me. Samarth asks Shobha does she like someone else, and talks dirty about her and Vikram, what does she get in office that she does not spent time with him, what does she do at office with boss at overtime. She pushes him and asks are you not ashamed to say this. She raises her hand and he holds it. She says you are still the same, a creep.

Samarth comes home. Sarika asks why did he come alone, and tells everything. She says I wanted you to settle down with your wife, so that my and Vikram’s way get cleared, he is my ex BF, I dumped him when he was loser, he is rich now, I want him back now. He is shocked knowing she is after Vikram. Vikram thinks Shobha is always close to her whenever she goes, Samarth does not care for you. He sees Shobha covering herself and leaving. He stops her and asks what happened, answer me. Shobha cries and tells Vikram that he can save her from anything, but can he save her from her husband?

Vikram is shocked knowing Samarth’s actions and gets angry. She says there is no relation, Samarth did not change, my instinct was saying, but I heard you all and thought this is life. Sarika asks Samarth why did he do this. Samarth says I did not do anything wrong, once she comes, she will bend to us and forget Vikram, else I will tell everyone that she has affair with Vikram. Sarika says there is no affair, I was just saying it. He says you are a big fool, its all because of you. Sarika talks to Shobha and asks what happened. Shobha tells everything and is very angry on Samarth, and asks her not to defend Samarth. What will Shobha do now? Keep reading.