Sameer saves Meher and is totally in love with her, going against Malik’s orders in Nadaan Parindey

Purab tells Bebe that he is keeping an eye on Sameer because it is his duty as the army still doubts on Sameer for getting freed so soon in just six months, as people there get stuck for long years. Bebe and Meher are shocked. Sameer/Iqbal too hears this. Bebe says Lord heard my prayers, no one did any favor on us. She says we have sent our letters to them, did you forget, we were troubled making our pleas reached, I have freed Sameer, for six months I could not sleep. Sameer thinks Bebe loves Sameer a lot, she is a daring woman, who fought for her son, I have never seen a mum’s love all my age, it has so much strength in mum’s love and trust, Sameer is so lucky.

Bebe says everyone said me my son is dead, you also told me, but I did not believe this. I still believe in my son, I can’t be wrong in identifying my son. She says the one who came back is my blood, my son, my Sameer.She says she will ask Sameer to leave army if they can’t respect him. Sameer rushes to her and hugs her. He says army is his life now and he won’t leave army, as thinks of his mission. Purab gets scolded from Meher too. Malik calls Sameer and asks him to focus on mission, else he will kill Meher if she is distracting him. Sameer and Meher meet at the Dhaba and have some intimate moments.

He hurts her and her bangles break. Sameer thinks I m not in control. Bebe prays at the Dargah to unite Meher and Sameer, and their good future. Sameer feels he is falling in love with Meher and he can’t deny this now. Meher kisses him and he gets so angry that he hurts himself. His hand bleeds and Meher does the dressing. He gets annoyed with her and thinks about Malik’s words. Sameer thinks he will do the mission and then go far from Meher.There is going to be some army function and Sameer thinks he can do his mission on that day. Meher plans to dance in the function and shares this with Purab. He is glad to get a chance to spend time with Meher. Sameer comes to the Dargah to pray. While Baba talks about Maalik, Lord. Sameer doubts that he is talking about Malik, his boss. He gets tensed and Maseeta hears them too. He gets mistaken and stabs Baba with a knife. Meher comes there and sees this. She hears the name Iqbal. She rushes Baba to the hospital.

Sameer gets tensed and informs Malik about Maseeta’s mistake. Malik asks them to kill Meher too as she is the witness. Sameer is shocked and thinks what to do. Malik calls Sameer and asks him to kill Baba too if she survives. Sameer goes to Baba and can’t kill him, as his heart stops him, knowing Baba was talking about Lord and he knows nothing about Malik. Meher gets a bad dream that Maseeta is killing her and comes to Sameer. Sameer thinks he will do the mission and then go far from Meher.

Maseeta calls Malik and says Sameer is not killing Baba and Meher. Malik gets furious and asks him to do the job then. Maseeta keeps a message for Sameer, which Meher gets, but she can’t read it as its in Urdu. Sameer beats up Maseeta for risking him and asks him to leave. Maseeta catches Meher and she shouts. Purab is shocked to know about Baba’s state and comes to see him in hospital. He sees Maseeta taking Meher. She says he is the one who stabbed Baba. Purab comes and aims a gun at Maseeta and asks why did you kill Baba, who has sent you. Sameer hides seeing Purab.

The police comes and aims at Maseeta. Sameer slowly comes there. Maseeta says I will not leave her, she will come with me. Sameer thinks they should not get Maseeta. Maseeta says lower the guns, else I will kill her. Sameer catches Maseeta and kills him. Purab says no, I wanted him alive. Meher says Iqbal died. Sameer says I killed Iqbal. Purab says I wanted him alive, being an army man, can’t you follow orders. Sameer says I want Meher alive. Sameer finally gives up to Meher and is totally love struck. The lovers have an eyelock which annoys Purab. Will Malik be quiet or plan something to kill Meher again? Keep reading.

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