Sona starts falling in love with Jagya in Balika Vadhu

Shiv is worried after meeting Anoop’s clients and shares his worry with Anandi. Shiv says I doesn’t understand why Anoop wants to work with Mr. Maheshwari. Anoop is trusting such people unneccessarily. He feels that we are making him feel down. He doesn’t want to understand anything. Ganga comes to Jagya and asks him to come home for Gehna’s marriage preparations. Jagya says I am making guest list. He says I want everyone to come in the marriage. I wants them to be aware of widow marriage. Ganga suggests him to invite Sona as well. A woman in the NGO calls Anoop and says I am doing as you said.

Anoop asks her to get sales details of NGO. The woman sees Anandi coming and disconnects the call. The woman greets her. Anandi tells her that she is going to Jaitsar for two days. Shiv gives his salary cheque. Daddu asks him to deposit in the bank. Anoop looks surprised and gives him water. Shiv drinks it and goes to freshen up. Anoop asks Daddu, do Shiv gives you monthly salary. Daddu tells him that he takes 25000 Rs. from Alok and Shiv for monthly expenses. Anoop immediately signs 40000 Rs. cheque and offers it to Daddu. Daddu asks did I ask you? Anoop says I shall also give you money.

Dadisaa’s friend Kajal gets the highest marks. Teacher calls Dadisaa’s name and gives her result saying you got only 10 marks out of 50. You have to work hard on your english. Dadisaa gets tensed. Teacher asks them to get the signature done of parents/guardian on the answer sheet. Dadisaa thinks how to hide her marks from Jagya. She feels insulted. Ganga asks Jagya to send some clothes for Sona. Someone comes and gives the clothes to Sona. Sona reads the letter and thinks life is giving her chance which she can’t refuse. Dadisaa is relieved that she took Jagya’s sign. She feels bad to have taken his sign by fooling him. She tells everyone that she wants to penance for her act. She tells that she took Jagya’s sign on her result paper and she failed.

Jagya says you repented for your mistake and deserves a appraisal and hugs her. Gehna looks at her bridal clothes and cries holding Basant’s photo frame.She recalls happy moments with him and talks to his pic. She says these things are going to change my fate. I tried to make everyone understand that I am happy with your memories, but Maasaa and everyone doesn’t feel the same. Ganga tells Gehna that you are lucky to be called married woman again. Anandi asks her to be happy. Ganga brings the haldi from Niranjan’s house. Gehna gets emotional and looks at Basant’s photo. Mannu calls Nandu and shows him decorative flower falling on the ground. Amol comes and picks it. Everyone smiles seeing him standing on his feet.

Niranjan says it is his good luck that he is getting married to Gehna. Dadisaa asks Daddu, is everything fine? Daddu says yes and offers bouquet with a poetry. Dadisaa is pleased to hear that. Village women dance while Gehna is getting mehendi done on her hands. Saachi talks to Payal and says Vivek ji is not believing her and behaving as if she is his enemy. He is behaving strangely with her. She says I will talk to him once again after he comes back. She disconnects the call. Suman hears her and asks her to pack her bag and leave.

Suman tells Saachi that she wants to go back to her house so that Vivek realizes his mistake. She says if he misses you then will realize your worth. Saachi asks is this needed. Suman says it is needed for your and Vivek’s relation. She tells that you are like my daughter Rakhi and can’t bear your pain. Saachi asks what to say to my family. Suman asks her to tell the truth and asks her not to hide anything. Saachi says I am fortunate enough that Suman understands me and thinks Vivek will realize my value if I stays here. Meenu says arguments do happens between husband and wife, but this relation is not weak to break easily.

Subhadra says you have done a good thing that you left the job. Alok asks her to stop it and asks Saachi to join her job. Anoop says if Saachi wants to keep Vivek happy then she shall not work. Jagya comes to meet Sona, who informs him about seeing goon at his haveli. Jagya says I was tensed so came to meet you. I am surprised and angry now. Sona says don’t know whom to trust. She says sorry as she was about to leave yesterday night without informing him. Jagya says you did right thing. Sona asks him to search a job for her so that she can become independent. She says I wants to take care of my son’s responsibility. Jagya says I will search a job for you. Will Jagya realize Sona’s motives? Keep reading.