Sonakshi to CHOOSE Rithvik over Dev in Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi!

Sonakshi to get engaged with Rithvik in the upcoming episodes…

The current track of Sony TV’s beloved show ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’ has already geared up for the upcoming twists and turns. With the new entry opposite the female lead Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) all set to make his appearance soon on the show, the already interesting tale is about to get more exciting.

While we have already reported about actor Jay Soni to enter as Rithvik on the show, he will soon be adding a lot of drama to the current storyline. Starting with his entry, which will be a dramatic one; nothing less than a film.
It will so happen that Sonakshi will be stuck in the rain and Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) will step out to help her out. But while he is still on the way to rescue his ladylove, Sonakshi gets a saviour in the form of Rithvik. He will share his umbrella with her and the duo will be seen spending some quality time together. It is then, when Dev learns about Sonakshi’s marriage alliance with Rithvik.

Yes, Sonakshi will agree to marry Rithvik in order to forget Dev and move ahead in her life. The further episodes will also showcase an engagement ceremony, where, Sonakshi will be seen exchanging rings with Rithik, forgetting Dev forever.

But will Dev be able to forget her? And will he accept Sonakshi’s alliance with Rithvik? To know the answers, keep reading the space.