Soumya encounters a grave ‘ACCIDENT’ in a bid to escape in Shakti!

Find out how will Harman save her…

With Soumya running away, Preeto’s entire plan to get Soumya kidnapped and sell her off has failed.

In the sequence ahead, Saumya who is running to save her life, will trip and fall off a cliff. But with luck seeming to be on her side, she will grab a hold of a tree branch. While Soumya cries for help, Harman will make a heroic entry into the scene being her knight in shining armour.

The show will get gripping when Harman, in the bargain to save her, will fall off too. However, after a lot of struggle, he will manage to pull himself and Soumya up, safe and alive.

Harman and Soumya’s love truly proves that they both can go to any extent to save their relationship and it will be interesting to see what step Harman takes next!

Stay tuned for further updates!