Tappu sena makes Gokuldhaam society proud in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Education is something which everyone must acquire. It helps in building a good nation. Literacy should be given as a gift to children who are the future. Children are God’s gift and the best gift to them by their parents is education. The famous Tappu sena are the wonderful children of the Gokuldhaam society. Tappu is the son of Jethalal Gada whereas the rest of Tappu sena are the children of others in the society. Everyone lives in the society with so much unity. Tappu sena sees a kid on the road who gets beaten up as he steals a book for educating himself. The kids has himself as the inspiration and wants to learn but he has no teachers and has exams ahead.

He has no option that to steal books from the stationery. He runs and bumps into Tappu sena. Tappu sena saves him and comes to know about his helplessness. They are happy seeing his enthusiasm and desire to learn and become a good human being. Tappu promises him that the whole Tappu sena will educate him and all other kids associated with him so that they can bring harmony and change their future. The kids are thankful to Tappu sena and show their house to Tappu sena.

Their house is in the areas of goons and the goons are the fathers of those children who are teaching them robbery and begging to earn a living rather than teaching them in schools. Tappu sena are not afraid of goons and goes ahead to teach them. The goons come to know that Tappu sena is spoiling their children and get angry on them. The goons asks Tappu sena to beware and not come in their area again. They ask Tappu sena not to teach their kids as they won’t be helping them ever if they get educated. The goons don’t know the value and importance of education and does not understand the favors Tappu sena is doing on them.

They warn Tappu sena not to come again but Tappu sena is adamant and daily goes to teach their children. The goons get super angry and hunt down Tappu sena to beat them and throw them out of the area. Tappu sena runs and try to escape. Tappu sena lies at home that they are going for extra classes at school and they are studying for their final exams. Their parents are very happy seeing their kids study all night and day. They feel proud of their children.

The school principal calls Bhide and tells him that there is no extra classes at school started yet. Bhide is shocked and informs everyone. Everyone meet in the society compound and have a talk. They tell each other that Tappu sena has taken money from them and they are fooling them. They are actually going somewhere else saying they are going to extra classes. They try to find out about Tappu sena and follow them when they leave from the society the next day. They land up in the goons area and are shocked to see the goons running after Tappu sena to beat them with sticks.

They also run to save Tappu sena from the goons. All of them call the police and get the goons arrested. The police asks them the reason for hurting Tappu sena. The goons says they are spoiling our kids. Everyone go to look after Tappu sena and see that they are teaching the poor kids and giving them free tuitions for their exams. Everyone are proud of Tappu sena for their generous gesture. Tappu sena buys free books and stationery for the poor kids by the money their parents gave them. They tell their parents that the poor kids have nothing else than food and clothes, we should provide them education free so that they can become leaders of tomorrow.

Babuji, Jethalal, Taarak, Bhide, Dayaben and all others feel proud of Tappu sena and blesses them to be kind as this always. Tappu sena’s this act makes them a hero in everyone’s eyes. Bhide takes a scooter from his friend to do his work as he can’t bear the auto expenses. But things go wrong and the scooter gets damaged, he has to bear the repair charges and also the auto fare. He has to shell out lots of money. What will Bhide’s friend do now seeing his scooter damaged? Keep reading.