Trisha tries reaching home but fails; she expresses her anger seeing Pratik’s pic in Laut Aao Trisha

Pratik that he is alone since Trisha isnt there and Amy is worried, and so who better than her, but Pratik tells her off that he is Pratik Swaika and if he wishes, he can bring in line of girls of her stature. Pratik says he knows Neha’s talent and capability and she will stay and asks Lavanya to leave. Pratik is getting ready when Amy comes and questions about Neha rejoining and asks him how could he get back a suspect to work. He asks her to carry on and heads straight to Gaurav’s room where Gaurav is telling Sonali to ready up fast or else some other matter will crop but Sonali tells that she isnt afraid of anyone.

Trisha is ready and is to leave when she realises the door is locked. Guests are backbiting about what a family this is where one daughter is missing and they are celebrating when Sonali comes and they do fake praise in front of her. Pratik questions Lavanya for informing Amrita about Neha but she says she did not say her. Amrita looks at the door and is hopeful that Trisha will come today as her heart says so. risha here manages to break open a glass window and escape. Trisha is seeing finding her way through the trees. Amrita reminisces her last meeting with Trisha in party and gets emotional. Trisha is shown in jungle.

Kabeer says he saw scotch bottle at Trisha’s hideout venue in Lonavla and it was of same brand which he is drinking. mrita reads gift and is shocked to see it is from Trisha. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Kabeer asks servant who give it to him. Servant says a man with black pant and skyblue shirt gave it to him. Kabeer runs out and finds a man starting his bike and asks him who gave him parcel. He says he is a delivery boy and gives his office address to get sender’s address from there. Amrita reads Trisha’s letter for Sanya which reads she will be with Sanya forever. Kabeer checks Trisha’s gift and thinks if someone is trying to mislead. Trisha is running in jungle and comes on a road. A car comes and man gets out of it and drags her inside car.

Trisha pleads him to leave as it is her sister’s birthday today, but man takes her. Pratik scolds Sonali. Amrita says Sonali is also a daughter in law of this house and should be respected. Kabeer thinks Prem must have gifted on behalf of Trisha. Abhay asks Kabeer why did Trisha book gift 3 months back, if she was planning it from before. Kabeer says there are 2 possibilities that she knew it and she did not knew it. Amrita looks at Trisha’s pic and thinks her daughter is not wrong and she will prove it. She looks at Trisha’s tab and checks her personal diary in it. Amrita says she has to correct her mistakes which she did with Trisha.

Pratik asks what is wrong with her and asks her to stop talking like middle class mother, says Sanya is a Swaika and will live like Swaika, daring and forward. Pratik is busy in a business meeting. He is engrossed in Trisha’s talks. Client asks Pratik to stop his snacks and goodies and asks him to call his architect and show his designs. Kidnapper opens door and enters Trisha’s hide out place. Trisha is seen weeping. rem tries to kiss Lavanya, and she pushes him. Kushan sees them both together. Trisha asks kidnapper why did not he let her attend Sanya’s birthday party. He throws birthday party pics in front of her.

She sees her family pics and gets emotional. She sees Pratik’s pic and gets angry. Kabeer hires professional hacker to hack Trisha’s diary. Hacker checks tab and hacks it. He opens Trisha’s diary which is named as hot talks. Amrita asks which language it is in and says Trisha sometimes writes code language and it must be this. Kabeer and team reaches Trisha’s hide out place. Pratik performs navratri puja with Amrita. Pratik reminisces Prem’s confession that he loves Lavanya and then Lavanya saying she made a mistake and requesting not to inform it to Meghan and Bobby. He gets Prem’s repeated calls, but cuts them.

He thinks he will punish Prem for trying to play with Swaika’s dignity. Kabeer asks Abhay to make his encounter. He then breaks drops glass on floor and sees thief watching at it, realizes that thief is acting. Amrita then gives prasad to Meghan and others. Amrita hears their conversation and asks Meghan to speak carefully with Sanya, else she will learn bad ways. Will Trisha reach home? Keep reading.