Vaishali Thakkar gets a surprise on the sets of ‘Roop Mard Ka Nay Swaroop’

MUMBAI: COLORS’ popular show Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop has struck a chord with the viewers, the show which recently witnessed a 12- years leap highlighting a new phase in Roop’s life has a new cast that has quickly blended in.

The cast and crew surprised well-known actress, Vaishali Thakkar (BUA) on her birthday recently. The entire team joined in the celebration, co-actor Mitaali Nag got her a customised orange-shaped cake, because of Vaishali’s love for orange. Mitaali Nag says, ” I generally get cakes for everyone. It’s a way to make them feel special. I wanted to make it personal for her because she herself is an extremely thoughtful person. I found out that she loves oranges. So, I thought of getting an orange shaped cake, to her surprise. I have connected well with her as she is an intelligent woman and very warm. It’s always good to chat with her. Our chats are meaningful conversations and not usual gossip, thus making are bond strong.”

Vaishali who was emotionally overwhelmed and feels lucky to find such great friends exclaimed, “I was touched by the surprise given to me by my co-star Mitaali Nag, the fact that they remembered my love for orange and gifted me a customised cake. Even before spending my birthday with my family, I got an amazing surprise from my onscreen family. I feel extremely lucky to have found such great friends among my co-stars, it makes the journey much better.”