Vikram befriends Shobha making everyone doubt their relation in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh

Dorris makes the office staff against Shobha by telling them that Shobha is having an affair with Vikram, and that is why she has got the promotion and Marketing Head post. Vikram is angry knowing people are talking about his past and blames Shobha for it. He feels Shobha has asked Nan about his past and is gossiping to make fun of him. Vikram gets angry on Shobha. He says everyone is gossiping about me, you are a big politician’s wife and you are habituated to all this. He says he should kick her out right now. Dorris signs others to taunt Vikram and Shobha, and call her bad character as she is good at client servicing.

Shobha confronts them and the women taunt her, how she got the easy promotion as they know what is going on between her and Vikram, as her husband is in jail, and she shares apartment with Vikram. love us, they will accept us, this is not wrong as we love each other. She cries and ends the call. Shobha comes to Vikram and gives her resignation. She says you won’t bear me any longer now. She packs her belongings and says she has resigned. Dorris says no, take the resignation back, and Vikram won’t let you go. Shobha says she is fed up of this wrong blames on her and Vikram accepted the resignation. Dorris shows some fake concern. Shobha sits depressed at her home and thinks about Vikram’s words.

Vikram tells Ketan about Shobha’s life full of problems and now she lost job, why don’t we tell her about her husband’s plan. Mahesh tells him that staff thinks Shobha got marketing job because of your relation with him, and her self respect matters to her. He says she is stained and this is very wrong. Vikram asks who will do this and thinks about Sandeep. He says you are right, do one thing, get back Shobha to office. Shobha comes to office and meets Vikram. Sandeep smiles seeing Shobha and holds her hand flirting with her. Shobha gets angry. Vikram addresses all staff members and welcomes back Sandeep.

He says Shobha told me about Dorris, that she is very hardworking and have leadership qualities, but I took Sandeep, he agreed when I told him, infact I should give credit to him, he told me Dorris needs some experience and she is not ready. Dorris gets angry and speaks out everything against Sandeep. Vikram scolds Sandeep and Shobha slaps him. Sandeep is kicked out and Vikram clears everyone that there is no affair between them. Vikram tells its professional what happened with Dorris and Sandeep and apologizes to Shobha for her image spoiling. He says it does not mean I gave you ticket to come in my life.

Vikram realizes that it was not Shobha’s mistake and goes to apologize to her. She says there is some bond between them, somewhat strange, which is related to past which has hurt him, as they both have really loved someone and got cheated. She says its not easy to hide love and pain. She says about Samarth and her heart is hurt because of her past, what will she gossip about him. She says she wanted to help him come out of his past. Vikram and Shobha become friends and start sharing their problems.

Ajay forces Garima to marry him and shows a fake MMS of them. Garima tells this to Vikram and Shobha. Vikram comes home and thinks about Garima’s problem. Nani gives him an idea to take fake police at Ajay’s home and get the video. Vikram succeeds in getting the MMS and Garima thanks him. Sharda asks Shobha whats going on between her and Vikram. Shobha says he is just my boss. Sharda asks why does he come to help her always and why she always tells her problems to him. Sharda tells Shobha about Vikram threatening Ajay at his home, and asks her to be away from Vikram.Vikram talks to Saurabh and Vinita to accept Garima for Sanjay. Saurabh says he is shocked, as he is giving lecture about love.

Vikram says who are we to come between them, if they love each other. Vinita says Sharada has insulted her. Saurabh says he knows Garima, she is not like Samarth, Shobha and her kids are good. Saurabh says Shobha is making you say this, you can’t see the truth, Samarth has made Shobha lie, he can make her have affair with you, so he is doing this, don’t fall in Shobha’s drama, she can cry to get your sympathy. Vikram gets angry and scolds him. He comes to Shobha and apologizes for not being able to help Garima.

He says he has broken his friendship with Saurabh. He says they were saying that we have something in between us. He says I don’t know why does the world think this, when the truth is we have mutual respect between us. Garima runs away with Sanjay to marry him. Will Shobha be able to find Garima? Keep reading.