I wasn’t prepared for fatherhood – Ajay Sharma

Actor, Ajay Sharma is excited to embrace fatherhood soon. But when he first heard the news of his wife being pregnant, he was taken aback!
“The feeling of becoming a father is surprisingly overwhelming. Initially, I wasn’t prepared at all when I heard the news. I kind of got on the back foot thinking weather it was the right step to have a child. But gradually looking at my wife’s baby bump and the emotional feeling towards the process got me to hook on it,” Ajay said in a statement.
He also shared his excitement to welcome his baby.
“I’m happy Malini is fond of kids. we have done lots of shopping for our new born, be it a daughter or a son; we are ready for both. We have made a good stock of cars and dolls including other toys. I feel blessed. I’m having a good start as a father,” he added.