Zain and Aaliya at logger heads in Beintehaan

Last week, we saw Zain getting married to Aaliya in your favorite Color’s show Beintehaan. Zain Abdulla, the male lead is handsome, confident and is on a love and hate relationship with his wife Aaliya Haider. Aaliya is a beautiful girl, who would do anything to walk on the right and ideal path. They get married and Aaliya visits the Haji Dargah on the way to home. She prays that the path she is walking on gets easy for her and she succeeds is keeping everyone happy. Usman is happy that his son has finally settled and with the right girl. Ghulam is relieved of his responsibility getting his daughter married to Zain. Aaliya’s mum Shabana is worried thinking about Zain’s mum Surayya’s words about Zain being unhappy with the marriage. She worries about Aaliya. But when she thinks about the promise Zain to her that he will always take care of Aaliya, she feels happy for Aaliya.

She tells Ghuman that Aaliya will be happy with Zain. Listening to this, Ghulam too feels glad for Aaliya. Aaliya reaches Zain’s house. They go through some rituals and end up in their room. Zain puts Aaliya on the bed and she looks around the room being fully decorated. Zain gets romantic and says some sweet words to please her ears. Zain asks Aaliya to call her family and inform them that she is fine. Aaliya calls Shabana and talks to Aayaat and Ghulam too. She is happy speaking to them. Ghulam is content that Aaliya went to a good home. Nafisa tells Surayya that this time your game went wrong. Surayya says I will not leave any stone unturned and will torture Aaliya. Nafisa says till Usman is there, no one can do anything to Aaliya. Surayya says she will make sure that Usman kicks Aaliya out of the house himself.

Zain speaks well with Aaliya and says he is ready to forget everything and start a new life as his dad wants him to move ahead with her. Aaliya is happy. They dance romantically. Zain suddenly pushes her on the bed and says wake up Aaliya, dream over. He shows his real face to her and have a evil smile on his face. Aaliya is shocked. He says I did not forget anything, how could you think I would forgive you for your mistakes. He says I was not dying to marry you, you hatched a plot to marry me using your father’s illness. Aaliya is hurt by his words. Zain says I will make you leave from my house on your own. Aaliya takes up the challenge and says she is ready.

They have a sweet and bitter relation between them. Aaliya respects him as her Mamu’s son. Zain looks at her as his aunt’s daughter. Will they accept each other heartily as husband and wife? It is yet to be seen. There is a scene where Zain helps Aaliya close the shower in the bathroom where she is trying to close the suitcase under the water. They have a sweet argument. Aaliya gets wet and after changing the clothes, comes downstairs to greet everyone. Usman asks Aaliya not to call him Mamu and call him dad. Aaliya happily calls him dad. Zain and Aaliya argue on the matter of conducting Valima. Zain says Valima is not needed. Whereas Aaliya says Valima is a sunnat and is must. Zain thinks Aaliya has betrayed him and gets angry on her.

Aaliya sees her room locked and thinks Zain did it as he did not wish her to touch anything in his room. She gets mistaken. Zain also comes home and finds the room locked. He thinks of Aaliya’s words that the room belongs to her too. He gets angry and calls Chand Bibi. Usman wishes to go to orphanage to feed some orphans as it was his Mannat as Zain got married to Aaliya. He asks Zain to accompany him but Zain refuses. Aaliya asks Zain to go with Usman to the orphanage. She says its Mamu’s wish. Zain says happiness on the basis of wrong relationship won’t be true happiness. How will Zain and Aaliya’s lives shape up? Will Zain fall in love with Aaliya? Stay tuned to get your answers.