Abhay does RK’s accident which makes RK mentally fine in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Abhay is asked to announce the winner of the competition. He calls RK on the stage to get the prize. RK goes there and tells Abhay that he is bad, a villain and he will not take the prize by his hand. He says he will take the prize by Madhu’s hand as she is his Gudiya and hero. Abhay is shocked seeing RK insulting him. RK calls Madhu on stage. Madhu looks on surprised and goes on the stage. She gives the prize to RK and he hugs her. Abhay gets angry seeing them happy. Madhu taunts Abhay and tells him that this iss his failure which RK has given him. Abhay comes home and thinks about Madhu’s taunts. He drinks wine and Leela comes to him asking him to teach Madhu and RK a lesson. She tells him that Madhu is making Kheer for RK to celebrate his victory. She asks him to turn the tables round.

Meanwhile, RK and Madhu have some cute moments in their room. They are very happy. RK lifts Madhu in his arms and takes rounds. Madhu looks at his innocence and falls in love with him. Zehnaseeb song plays. RK asks her to come with her to the balcony. They lie down and see the stars. Madhu is very happy with RK and tells him that she has a surprise for him. Abhay takes RK with him and makes him drink wine. RK gets drunk and falls not in his senses. Madhu is shocked to see him and asks Abhay to face her as a man, and not backstab like a coward.

Abhay tells him that RK’s drunken state is her failure which he has given her. Madhu taunts Abhay a lot which makes him angry and he slaps Madhu. Madhu falls. Abhay shouts on Madhu and beats her. RK hears this and comes to save Madhu. He sees Abhay beating Madhu and gets angry. RK beats Abhay a lot. Abhay gets wounded and falls. Madhu looks on victorious and is proud of RK. RK and Madhu go to their room. RK says even he has a surprise. Later on, Madhu sleeps and RK makes her painting.

Abhay thinks of RK beating him and decides to send RK to the mental hospital. Madhu wakes up and sees the painting and smiles. She looks for RK and Abhay shows her mental hospital people taking RK with them. He asks Madhu to save him if she can. Madhu runs to RK and tries to make him free. But fails. RK is taken in the van. The van stops at the signal and RK runs beating the men. Madhu looks for RK on the road and sees RK. RK and Madhu run towards each other happily. Abhay comes there and hits RK with a truck doing his accident. Madhu is shocked and rushes RK to the hospital. RK is critical and being treated by the doctors. Abhay taunts Madhu and asks her to be prepared to be a widow. He brings a white saree for her.

He tells Madhu that he did RK’s accident and he will die soon. Madhu is shocked. The doctors tell Madhu that RK’s survival chances are very less. Madhu prays for RK’s health to Kanha ji. He asks Kanha ji to keep her devotion intact. She challenges Kanha ji to prove his existence by making RK well. It is Karwachauth and Madhu gets dressed like a suhaagan. She believes in Kanha ji and thinks RK will surely come to break her fast. Abhay asks Madhu to stop this madness as RK won’t be alive now, he is on the life support system and he will die soon. Madhu asks him to worry about himself. He asks her to go to the hospital and see RK for the final time.

Madhu tells him that RK will not need any life support till evening and he will come to her to break her fast. She is sure that RK will come. Everyone go on the terrace to do the Karwachauth rituals. Madhu looks at the moon and RK comes to her. She smiles seeing him. RK makes her drink water and breaks her fast. Abhay is shocked to see RK. RK thanks Abhay for doing his accident as he got mentally fine now. Madhu gets much happy seeing him grown up like a man. RK threatens Abhay that he will take revenge from him and punishes him shocking everyone. What will RK do now? Will he kill Abhay to take his revenge? Keep reading.