Sameer makes Meher’s every wish true making her happy in Nadaan Parindey

Sameer knows Bebe is much concerned about Meher but is trying to pretend as if she does not care about her. He tells Bebe not to worry as Meher is very happy with this marriage. Bebe is relieved and prays to Lord for Meher’s happiness. She worries as she could not attend the wedding and this could make Meher upset. She asks Sameer to do the arrangements well and not create any problem in Meher’s wedding. Sameer agrees and leaves to meet RV. Sameer comes to Meher’s room and sees her upset.

He takes out some books from her cupboard and gets her diary in which she has written all her wishes. He thinks Meher’s every dream, every wish should be fulfilled, only then she will be leaving the Pind happily and content. Purab gets hold of Sartaj and makes him run away to save his life. Its his plan to catch Sartaj’s men. Sartaj calls Malik and says he eloped. Malik calls his men and asks them to stop Sameer’s kidnap. Purab arrests Sartaj again but fails to catch Malik as Sartaj acts smart and informs Malik that he is trapped again.

Sameer tells Meher that they will start making her wishes true. She asks how is this possible. He asks her to trust him and smiles getting an idea. Meher’s wish is to see sunrise from border’s tower. Sameer asks RV to fulfill Meher’s wishes and RV is not at all interested. Sameer wonders will he keep Meher happy or not. RV’s mum and dad are very impressed seeing Sameer take so good care of them, doing their petty and big works. She asks Nimmi to make Sameer stay in the wedding as he is from their side now. Sameer tells RV about sunrise wish and that he should take Meher there. Meher wants Sameer to come with them and lies to RV that she does not know the way. RV agrees and says I will take Meher tomorrow.

RV asks Sameer to wake him up at 4am. Sameer thinks who will wake him up and Balli advices him to use scented sticks, burn it and hold its end, so that when it ends, it will burn his hand a little and he can get up. Sameer likes the idea and does so, he gets up at 4am and wakes up RV. Meher comes to them and three of them leave for the border area. Sameer talks to the army man and convinces him to allow them to stand on the tower saying about Meher’s dream and their friendship. He agrees and is proud of Sameer for being such a lovely friend.

Meher asks RV to come up but he is scared and does not climb the stairs of the tower. Sameer and Meher go up and see the sunrise. Meher hugs Sameer as he made her wish come true and is very happy. They come back home and Sameer tells Bebe that he has fulfilled Meher’s wish to see sunrise. Bebe is happy knowing Meher is happy now. Its Meher’s haldi rituals going on and Meher is upset and tells Sameer that she is missing Bebe a lot. Sameer gets an idea and brings haldi to Bebe asking her to touch it and he will mix it in shagun haldi and Meher will be happy.

Bebe refuses to do so thinking about panchayat’s decision asking her to stay away from Meher else she will be kicked out of the village. Sameer gets an idea again and cuts his finger asking Bebe to apply haldi. Bebe holds the haldi and he runs saying you have atlast touched it and I will take this to Meher. He comes to Meher’s haldi and sees Balli taking the haldi. He runs to stop Balli but fails. He then sees Nimmi with it and acts smartly. He fools her and shows the haldi to Meher saying Bebe has sent it for her. He mixes it in haldi pot and Meher gets happy. She smiles and thanks him.

RV tells everyone that he is allergic to haldi and no one should apply haldi to him. Everyone agrees and applies haldi only to his clothes. Balli is irritated by RV and thinks to trouble him. He takes a haldi pot and thinks of throwing it on RV. Sameer sees Balli doing so and stops him saying RV is allergic. But the haldi falls on RV in their fight. Balli hides and everyone see Sameer. RV scolds Sameer and leaves in anger.

Nimmi asks Sameer to leave the house and scolds him. She comes to Bebe and tells what Sameer did. Bebe slaps Sameer. Sameer says it was not my mistake. No one hears him. She insults Bebe and Sameer. Balli comes to them and confesses his mistake saying Sameer is innocent. Nimmi is ashamed of Balli and leaves. RV’s mum asks RV not to lose his temper till the marriage happens and apologize to Sameer. Will Meher get married to RV? Keep reading.