Aditya and Vivaan team up to free Chakor in Udaan

Bhuvan tells everyone about Chakor’s Lucknow life and her school . Kasturi says we can’t fulfill Chakor’s dreams now. Imli says Chakor has gone there because of me, but I know Chakor will come back to us one day. The inspector tells Abha about Bhuvan’s FIR. Abha says this is a fake document. He says the court will decide this. She asks Ishwar can he believe Bhuvan will lodge FIR against him. Ishwar says Bhuvan hs just given thumb impression on it, he does not know it, Bhaiya ji can write anything as illiterate people just can’t read it. Bhuvan told us that Tejaswini took his thumb impression on blank paper. Abha goes to meet Bhuvan.

Bhuvan tells Abha that he did not do this, Tejaswini took his thumb impression and he does not know what she wrote, he will tell inspector that Ishwar is innocent. He goes out and sees Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to go to Bhuvan and make him witness, then no one can save Ishwar. Tejaswini says Prabhakar can rule in court, but here your laws rules. He says why should we take chance, if Ishwar comes out, it will be problem. Tejaswini goes to them and sees Abhi there. She scolds Abha and takes Bhuvan and Kasturi to police station. Tejaswini asks Bhuvan to go police station and say Ishwar is the culprit and you are the witness. She smiles, while Abha is shocked. Chakor tries cutting the metal chains.

Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini did she send them to police station. She says yes, and Ishwar will go where he should have gone, Lakhan will manage, he is with Bhuvan and Kasturi. He says it’s a stamp of Ishwar’s fate which will never fade. She says everyone’s courage will break seeing Chakor in cage and chains, you just see. He smiles. The inspector scolds Bhuvan and asks does he know Ishwar. Bhuvan says yes, he is collector Ishwar. He forcibly takes Bhuvan’s thumb impression on the papers, and Ishwar is shocked. The inspector says both the stamps are same. Prabhakar tries hard to get Ishwar’s bail and tells his wife that Bhaiya ji played a game and its tough to free Ishwar, I can’t understand his game.

Aditya says he is going to Aazaadgunj, I m seeing Dada ji is calling people, but nothing happened, so I m going. He says I m sure I will go there and bring my parents back. Prabhakar agrees to go with him. Aditya and Vivaan talk, and they decide to free Chakor and Ishwar. Imli comes to meet Tejaswini and holds her feet. She says she won’t stay at her home, she is not getting food there. Girja asks her to go back. Imli says no, I won’t go, I will stay here. She says she will never cry and will do all work.

Tejaswini says you have to be here to do work and keeps her. Tejaswini asks Girja to take Imli. She says this is the best weapon to break Chakor’s courage. Girja takes Imli to show Chakor. She says see her state. Imli looks inside from a space and sees Chakor tied in chains. Imli thinks Chakor will take her flight and everyone will see. She cleverly asks Girja about the lock keys. Girja says its with Tejaswini in her waist keys, so that no one can open the lock. Imli says she will open this lock and smiles. Vivaan talks to Aditya and he tells Manohar that he is doing project with Aditya. Manohar is glad.

Aditya thinks project to free Chakor, then my dad will be free. Vivaan thinks he can’t tell truth to his dad. Imli cleans the room and hinks she will take keys and free Chakor. Ragini and Imli meet Vivaan and Aditya. They all see the room where Chakor is kept. Aditya says its dark here and calls Chakor. Vivaan says why is she not replying. Imli says she did not have food, how will she reply us. She says Girja told Chakor is not eating food. Aditya says maybe she fainted by weakness. Vivaan says then we should free her soon. Ragini helps Imli in getting the keys in getting the keys. Manohar comes to know Ranjana has come and takes her inside haveli. Ranjana greets Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji.

Tejaswini and Ranjana pass some taunts. Ranjana says she was not coming, as she did not had any reason to come back, but when they got her son her, she came. Manohar says Vivaan came by his wish. Ragini greets her and hugs her. She says she missed her a lot. Ranjana says good to know someone missed me. Ragini makes juice fall on Tejaswini and Imli takes the keys. They smile and make plan to free Chakor. Will the kids be able to free Chakor? Keep reading.