Anoop creates troubles for Anandi in Balika Vadhu

Dadisaa writes a good essay and reads it. The teacher and all students applaud for her and she becomes very happy. Mandira tells that Anandi is blaming her for buying Jyoti. She says Jyoti left in the morning. Puneet says he dropped Jyoti in the morning. Shiv says Anandi don’t complain without any reason. If she is saying Jyoti is inside then she is inside. Puneet asks Shiv to believe him. Puneet tells Inspector that you can’t search my house without a search warrant. Inspector shows it. Puneet lets them in. Police team searches the house, but can’t find Jyoti. Puneet tells Shiv that he is telling truth and says your wife hurt us a lot. They are about to leave when Anandi sees a dress piece stuck in the Almirah.

She stops Shiv and recalls seeing Jyoti wearing the same dress. She opens the Almirah while Mandira tries to stop her. They find Jyoti inside the Almirah. Jyoti cries and hugs Anandi. Shiv asks Puneet what you were saying about trust and friendship. Shiv says we know, but you have to remember that you are an IAS officer. Police says we are witness here. We have to arrests you and your wife. Mandira and Puneet get shocked. Mandira says you can’t arrest us. You don’t know my husband’s connection. Inspector arrests Puneet and tells about the charges. Mandira resists. Inspector takes them. Mandira says I won’t leave you Anandi.

Jyoti thanks Anandi and hugs her. Gehna tells Makhan kaka about Niranjan’s vegetable dish without chilli. Nandu adds chilli powder in it. Niranjan eats and starts coughing. He tells that it is very spicy. Gehna says I didn’t add chilli in this dish. She tastes it and says it is very spicy. Dadisaa asks from where the chilli powder came in it. Niranjan looks at Nandu and signs Gehna. Gehna takes the blame on herself. Anandi is in the NGO and asks about Sharmila. The women says she is in cabin. Anandi says I will see. Sharmila calls Anoop and says I got it. Anoop asks her to keep it safely with her. Anandi asks Sharmila did you get the bank statement. Sharmila says no. Anandi gives her and asks her to go immediately.

Nandu sees Niranjan’s door lock and thinks he might have went for work. Niranjan comes and says I won’t meet your mum if you don’t want. He says I do have the right to know about the hatred for me. Nandu calls him cheater and says I don’t want to talk to you. Niranjan says I have full faith on our relation. Something is bothering him and he will tell me soon. Anandi gives medicines to Meenu. She sees NGO’s tender file with Anoop and gets thinking. Anoop looks on shocked. Niranjan comes and says he will try to win Nandu’s heart through music and starts singing the song. Nandu scolds him.

The villagers catch Sona and tell that she is a prostitute. Dadisaa comes to know about it and she gets shocked. Principal says Dr. Jagdish brought her here. The parents asks Principal to ask Sona and says we are not lying. Niranjan calls someone. The parents protest against Sona and ask the Principal to throw Sona out of school. Sona cries hiding her face and runs inside. A man asks Principal to kick her out and gives a day time. He threatens him of media. I came to know that MLA Jagdish Singh used to meet her occasionally. He points a finger at Jagya for having an affair with Sona. Reporter says what do you think Jagya should resign? Shrivastav thinks Jagya’s respect is ruined.

Niranjan comes home and tells Jagya and everyone about villagers protesting outside school. Jagya says Sona told him everything about her. He tells them everything that Sona’s husband pushed her into prostitution. Jagya asks what shall I do then. He says Sona wants to change her life and gives a better life to her son. She is not doing anything wrong now. Dadisaa apologizes to him and says you showed us humanity. Jagya promises to Principal that he will do everything. Jagya comes to Sona and says it is not right to leave. He asks her to give answer to society. He says I will support you. Ganga comes and gets shocked seeing her. Ganga identifies her as Kusum, her uncle’s daughter. She hugs Kusum.

Sona tells him that her real name is Kusum. She tried to live respected life, but everyone saw me with a bad eye. I don’t know when I become Sona from Kusum. Ganga asks her about her husband. Sona says I can’t tell you about my husband. Ganga comes with Sona and tells Dadisaa that they brought Sona in the haveli. Sona takes her blessings. Jagya tells that he promised Principal Saheb that Sona will not stay there so brought her here. NGO woman informs Anandi that so many workers have left NGO as Anoop hired them. Anandi gets tensed. Jagya questions the villagers that he always gave them a freedom to ask questions. He says you came here without knowing anything.

The reporter says MP Shrivastav gave statement against you. You brought Sona here from Vasant Niketan. Jagya thanks Shrivastav for raising the issue. He tells the reporters that he met Sona while he was on the way to home. He tells that Sona told him about her husband. He tells that no one has the right to point fingers on Sona. Dadisaa says whatever Jagya had done till now is right and he will not do anything wrong in future too. Saachi realizes that she is pregnant and thinks to share the good news with Vivek. What will happen next? Keep reading.