I always wanted to play the character of Ravana: Shahbaz Khan

The actor gives us an insight about his preparations for the role.

There are many complex characters, however it is safe to say that playing the role of Ravana is the most complex of them all. Now, it is the versatile actor Shahbaz Khan’s turn to essay him. He will portray the mighty Ravana’s character in Swastik Productions popular show Karmaphal Data Shani. Shahbaz has earlier portrayed characters like Hydar Ali in Tipu Sultan, Kunwar Virendra Vikram in Chandra Kanta. He has been consistent with his versatility and always won audience’s heart.
Shahbaz says,”I always wanted to play the character of Ravana, I feel such a powerful role is rare. As an actor, I am blessed to get this opportunity. This is my first project with Swastik Productions and they are very good to work with.”
When quizzed about his preparations for the role, he says, “Since our childhood, we have read and heard about Ramayana so many times, that we all know all the character closely. Ravana was a learned man. I will be portraying a more humane side to the role. Ravana was a multi-faced man. His diction was perfect and thus I am working on mine.”
Shahbaz is not the one to be satisfied with his performances and feels that there is always scope for improvement. “Till the time an artist is alive, he is thirsty. A true artist is always greedy for good work. I have a long career in television and the main difference is the objective. When I look back at old times, I believe earlier it was all heart and now it is all money.”