Anshuman tells the truth to Pakhi in Tumhari Pakhi

Soon after Pakhi came to know that Anshuman was getting engaged to Tanya, she was in a state of shock. Anshuman thought of telling the truth to Pakhi and get rid of her permanently. But Tanya had some other plan. She lies to Pakhi saying all this was a surprise for you. These decorations, these rings, all this are meant for you. I am just Anshuman’s good friend who helped him in doing the arrangements. Anshuman wanted to make you happy after all the stress you had because of Ayaan. Pakhi gets fooled by her words and believes Tanya.

Pakhi loves Anshuman, not for the surprises of gifts, but without any expectations from him. Anshuman still has to understand what really love is. Tanya, on the other hand is lusty individual who plans against Pakhi as now it is about her ego and status in Anshuman’s life. Pakhi is very happy seeing Anshuman’s fake love for her which she thinks is real. Anshuman feels guilty for lying to Pakhi almost every moment of his life. Pakhi talks to him with maturity and explaining him about the special bond between two people who are linked and connected by marriage.

Tanya talks to her dad Mr. Rana. Mr. Rana gives Anshuman seven days to send back Pakhi from where she came, else he will be calling a press conference and then Anshuman has to accept Tanya infront of the media. There are no options for Anshuman now as Mr. Rana is much angry on him and can blow out any time on him. Anshuman wants to make sure that Pakhi leaves him in these coming seven days. Tanya is happy that Pakhi will be leaving soon and she will be becoming Mrs. Anshuman Rathore forever. Anshuman is trying hard to tell Pakhi but does not have the guts to tell the truth.

Tanya asks Anshuman to plan to spend some days together in a hotel room so that they can sit and think how to get rid of Pakhi. Tanya’s plan was to make Anshuman away from Pakhi. Anshuman has no feelings for Pakhi. He constantly thinks of making Pakhi just go away from his life. After all she did for him and his son, still he is with that bitchy Tanya. Anshuman lies to Pakhi that he is going to Delhi for some important meeting. He asks her to pack his bag. Pakhi does so and is upset thinking she will be missing him a lot. Anshuman meets Ayaan and leaves with Tanya.

They go to a hotel and Pakhi is unaware that Anshuman is still in Shimla. She gets to read the newspapers and comes to know about the Shimla to Delhi flight plane crash. She is shocked. She runs to call Anshuman. Tanya asks Anshuman to cut off with the outside world and be only hers for some days. Anshuman agrees though he feels he should not switch off his phone. Tanya does not even let him read the newspaper. Anshuman switches on his phone to talk to Ayaan. Just then he receives Pakhi’s call who asks him whether he is fine. She does not tell him about the plane crash knowing he knows. Anshuman lies to her and she catches his lie and comes to know he is in a five star hotel in Shimla with Tanya. Thanks to Tanya, who passes this message to her by not disconnecting the phone. Pakhi rushes to the hotel to meet Anshuman. She hardly gets the room number. She goes to the room and Tanya opens the door.

Anshuman and Tanya are caught red handed and are shocked to see Pakhi. Pakhi leaves in anger. The media gets Pakhi and asks her about Anshuman’s whereabouts. Anshuman and Tanya think that Pakhi will speak against Anshuman in the media and will ruin his image. To their surprise, Pakhi does not tell Anshuman’s truth and covers the matter. Anshuman comes home to talk to Pakhi while she is busy with Ayaan. Tanya enters the house with the motive to tell Pakhi the truth and to break her heart. Anshuman and Tanya tell Pakhi that they love each other. Anshuman tells Pakhi that there is no place for her in his life. Pakhi is heart broken. What will Pakhi do now? Will she leave Anshuman and return back to Chittorgarh? Will Anshuman marry Tanya? Will Anshuman realize his love for Pakhi? Will Pakhi’s goodness change Anshuman? Keep reading to get the answers to all these questions.