RK and Madhu dead, Madhu’s daughter also named Madhu grows up in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

There was a big party thrown by RK at his mansion to celebrate the birth of his daughter. RK and Madhu were so happy to be blessed by a daughter. RK and Madhu have a talk. RK asks Madhu whom do you love, me or our baby. Madhu cleverly says both of you are my life and I love both. She says I will live with you and die with you, I love you RK. RK is happy with her words and says I love you too Biwi. The hot couple dance on the song Mere Haath me tera haath ho……….. Radha is outside the mansion with the baby. She is about to enter the mansion but stops as the baby cries. Harshvardhan asks his men to put the time bombs in the mansion.

The mansion explodes and Radha is shocked to see that. She shouts for her son and daughter in law. Lela and Bittu are at the hospital and Bittu is informed that he became a father. He is happy. RK and Madhu see fire all around them in the mansion. Radha hears the goons talking about killing RK and Madhu and tries to run away from the place to save the baby. Bittu sees the news on tv about RK’s mansion being blown off. Bittu runs to the mansion but is stopped by the cops. Bittu sees RK’s and Madhu’s dead body with their tattoos on their hands. He is shocked.

He tells everyone that Harshvardhan is behind this. This is not an accident, but a cold blooded murder. Harshvardhan is arrested as Bittu shows the CCTV footages to the police where Harshvardhan has threatened RK. Bittu was the witness of all that. Harshvardhan arranges a lawyer to make him get free. All the RK fans beat up Harshvardhan. Radha takes the baby to the railway station and some goons come to take the baby. Radha gives them her jewellery and asks them not to ask for the baby. The goons still ask for the baby. Radha gets tensed.

She kicks the goons and rushes to board the Mathura train. She tells the baby that she will always keep her safe. Harshvardhan’s lawyer comes to know that Harshvardhan is dead. Radha takes care of the baby and is unknown where the fate is taking her. Bittu is beaten up by some goons. He comes to Lela and she wonders why is he bleeding and what happened with him. Lela and Bittu get into an argument when Bittu tells her everything. Bittu asks her to be ashamed to herself. Abhay makes a promise to himself that he will ruin everything related to RK and Madhu. Radha reaches a temple to live in and gets a room there.

The baby Madhu have became a kid now. Radha takes care of her. They have a light talk. It is time for her school and she gets ready. Radha thinks of keeping the child Madhu stay away from the shadow of films. Finally, baby Madhu have grown up and the character is played by Drashti herself. She looks beautiful and fresh. Madhu dances backstage. When her friends see her, they ask her to perform on stage, but Madhu says no, I promised my granny. Bittu sees Madhu in the market and runs after her saying Bhabhi ji. Bittu does not get her and thinks who have he seen just now. He gets confused. Radha says she won’t let Madhu go in the world of glamour ever and will chop her wings if need persists. Madhu comes back home and hugs Radha.

Madhu’s dancing photo comes in the newspaper. Radha is shocked to see that and confronts Madhu about the same saying you lied to me. Madhu says this is not the truth, I was dancing backstage and the screen got burnt. Madhu asks her to forgive her. Bittu comes to them and says whats in her blood cannot be faded by her upbringing. Radha is shocked to see Bittu. They are happy to see each other. Bittu takes Radha’s blessings and talks to her. Madhu comes to know that Radha has TB. She asks the doctor whats the cost of the treatment. The doctor says Rs two lakhs. Madhu thinks of going to Mumbai to earn and save Radha. Madhu gets Bittu’s address and thinks of meeting him in Mumbai. How will Madhu save Radha? Will Mumbai be proved lucky for her? Keep reading next week.