Anshuman tries to find Pakhi and his mum in Delhi but fails in Tumhari Pakhi

The houseowner lady comes to meet Anuja. Anuja introduces Deepika as her daughter and Pakhi as her bahu, giving her a good family pic. The lady looks at Pakhi and says she is your bahu and does not have sindoor and mangalsutra. Anuja says yes, she is like my daughter, my son is unlucky who did not value her and did not love her, I have kicked him out of my house, he will come when he realize his mistake, so I asked her not to have sindoor, I have decided she will stay her life on her own, she got a job here and I came here to support her. The lady get convinced by her answer leaves. Lavanya tells Anshuman that mum may be seeing the ad tomorrow in the newspaper. Anshhuman gets happy and waits for the next morning.

Anuja takes the newspaper to read but Deepika takes it from her, and then the house owner lady. Anuja does not see the ad. Anhsuman and Lavanya get upset as they don’t get any call. Pakhi reads the ad and thinks about Ayaan. She gets online and talks to him. Ayaan calls Maa and Anuja turns. Pakhi asks how much did you miss me. Ayaan says a lot, we talk daily but I miss you. She says I will come back if you say, nothing can keep a mum away from her child. Pakhi says much wrong happened with your dad, and we have to make it right. Anuja thinks Pakhi is a very good human being. Pakhi makes Anuja and Deepika talk to him too. Pakhi misses Anshuman and thinks a lot about him.

Deepika calls Pakhi and cries. Anuja tells Pakhi that her model is not doing the project, she does not have any model, so she wants to go back. Pakhi is doing a job of tour guide and they come to meet her at the location. Deepika sees Pakhi in her camera and takes her pics talking to people and gets an idea. She tells Anuja that she got the model, Pakhi. Deepika says we should tell Pakhi that we took her pics and should sent for approve. Anuja says send it first, lets see if the clients like her. Anuja leaves her purse, and gets tensed knowing it had her children’s pic. A man gets it and sees the pic. He returns the purse and informs Anshuman that his mum is here in Delhi.

Anshuman sees the model’s pic and understands its Pakhi. He tells Ayaan that he will go to Delhi to meet her. Pakhi gets angry on Deepika for sending her pics without her permission. Anuja and Deepika try to convince her. Pakhi atlast agrees to do the modeling for one day. She does not know Anshuman is Deepika’s boss. Pakhi goes for the photo shoot and Anshuman reaches there. Pakhi sees him and hides her face in the dupatta. She makes a fake model take her place. Anshuman gets disappointed seeing someone else. Pakhi tells Deepika to manage the situation and not tell Anshuman that she is the actual model. Deepika asks why. Pakhi tells her that Anshuman is her husband and this shocks Deepika. Deepika wonders why are they living separately.

Pakhi sees Anuja’s letters to her children and comes to know that she was married and had children, whom she has lost by some reason. Pakhi thinks that’s why she got connected so soon with her pain. Pakhi tells this to Deepika. Deepika gets Prateek’s call asking her to come back to him soon. He scolds her and Deepika becomes sad. Pakhi and Anuja does the puja for their children. Anuja acts as if she did this on someone forcing her. Pakhi understands her well and smiles. She does the ouja for Ayaan’s well being. Anuja helps her in the puja.

Anshuman is at the terrace and looks at the moon and thinks about Pakhi. Anuja comes there and drinks wine. They have a nice talk not knowing how they are related to each other. She says I drink sometimes to forget everything. He says I did much wrong. He asks her to judge him being a woman. He asks will she forgive me. She says if you hurt her heart, she will forgive, but if hurt her soul, then she will not forgive. She says if you regret truly, then you may be forgiven soon.

Anshuman feels glad talking to her and leaves. He comes back to Shimla and meets Ayaan. Anuja gives a gold chain to Pakhi as a gift, but Pakhi gives her back. Pakhi asks her to share her pain with her if she is comfortable. Anuja thinks. Anshuman meets Tanya at the café and she tells him that she is getting married to Prachin Maan Singh who has oil wells in the middle east. She praises the guy and smiles, but Anshuman cares a damn. Will Anshuman succeed to find his mum and Pakhi? Keep reading.