Saurabh plans to break Saachi and Vivek’s marriage with the help of Suman in Balika Vadhu

This week started with the happiness that came back in everyone’s heart as Dadisaa gets freed of Suraj’s murder case and comes home. Everyone is happy seeing her and hugs her. They take Dadisaa’s greetings and makes her feel valued in their lives. Dadisaa gets happy and feels lucky to have such a living family. Everyone tell her that Jagya won the elections and became the MLA. Dadisaa hugs him with pride and asks him to take care of the village with high responsibility. Jagya promises her the same. Vivek’s sister Rakhi comes to meet Saachi and Vivek. Vivek becomes glad seeing her and getting his mum’s made Khichdi.

He tells his joy to Saachi and how much he misses his family. Vivek and Saachi has some romantic moments together. Subhadra is after Amol every moment and wants to scare him to be away from his family. She locks him in his room. Anandi and Shiv come home and tells everyone that Dadisaa is free from all charges and Jagya became the MLA winning the elections against Het Singh. Everyone get happy except Subhadra who does not lag behind to taunt. Anandi asks about Amol. Subhadra tells them that she has locked Amol in his room. Everyone is shocked. Anandi rushes to Amol and sees him scared/ She hugs him and is angry seeing this rude behavior of Subhadra.

Dadisaa feels much guilty thinking about Suraj’s murder and keeps washing her hands. Rasika influences the whole staff by her looks. Shiv’s employee Suresh get dressed up for Rasika. Saachi and Vivek has some morning romance and they are shocked to see his parents at the door. Saachi welcomes them. His parents apologizes to Saachi and asks them to come back home, as they want to rectify their mistakes of the past. Vivek says, he needs some time to think about it. His mom says ok and tells him that they will wait for them. Vivek discusses this with Saachi as he does not want to hurt her. Saachi tells her family about Vivek’s parents asking them to live with them. Subhadra asks her to stay with her inlaws.

Saachi also wants the same. Everyone agree and ask Saachi to go ahead and support Vivek. Rasika tries to get close to Shiv by some reasons. Saachi and Vivek come to his parents’ house and they welcome them well. Saachi starts getting ill treated by Vivek’s parents and Vivek notices this and tells her that we can go back. Saachi says no, we just came, it will take time to adjust. Rasika comes to Shiv’s house and gifts him and Anandi. Shamer Bhai’s entry is shown. Saachi tries to gel with Suman, and is shocked to see Saurabh. Vivek asks Saurabh how come is he free and out of jail. Roshan tells Vivek that Saurabh was out for some days on Suman’s medical grounds (parole). Vivek says, he lied to court.

Vivek says now we won’t stay in this house. Suman emotionally blackmails him. Saachi recalls the rape incident and gets tensed. Saurabh calls her Bhabhi ji and eyes her evilly. Shamer Bhai greets Jagya and says I wished to meet you. Shamer Bhai says, we are relieved after you become the MLA. Jagya sees someone hurting Shamer and saves him. Shamer thanks him. He compliments Jagya to facing the troubles. He ties Rudrarakshak on Jagya’s hand. Basant invites shamer Bhai to come to Jaitsar.

Ganga looks at the Rudrarakshak and asks about it. Jagya tells about Shamer Bhai. Dadisaa says still good people do exist in this world. Suman and Roshan plan against Saachi. Daddu praises Rasika to be a good woman. He asks Shiv to invite her for dinner tomorrow. Shiv does not agree. Shamer comes to meet Jagya at his haveli. Jagya introduces him to everyone. Dadisaa and everyone are impressed by him. Suman asks Saachi to make Vivek understand that Saurabh is his younger brother. She asks Vivek to forget the past and move on. Saachi says she can’t forget the past. Vivek says then we will leave from here. Saachi says I don’t want our relation to break with mom and dad. I knew I thought I have to face Saurabh some day.

Saurabh is my biggest fear, I want to face it and come out. Vivek pacifies her and hugs her. Jagya gets warm welcome by his hospital staff. Suman tells her plan to Saurabh and tells him how she trapped Saachi with her words. Saurabh says, it is my turn now. I will take revenge from her. I am waiting that Vivek goes to office. Saurabh plans to go near Saachi and make Vivek feel that Saachi did not forget him till now. He says once Vivek is convinced then he will ruin Saachi.

Shamer hears Jagya and Ganga’s talk about Dadisaa. She tells him that Dadisaa have been seeing blood on her hands. She says Dadisaa could not forget it. Jagya says we have to do something. I will talk to a psychiatrist. Ganga sees Shamer hearing them and wonders why did he do this. What will Saurabh do to ruin Saachi and Vivek’s happy married life? Who is this Shamer Bhai and why is he after Jagya? Keep reading.