Anshuman tries to save Tanya’s life; Pakhi keen to unite Anuja and her children in Tumhari Pakhi

Anshuman meets Tanya’s fiancé Prachin Maan Singh and comes to know he is very rich. Tanya praises Prachin a lot to make Anshuman jealous. Anshuman leaves and goes for some work. He sees a lady with marriage certificate and comes to know she is Prachin’s wife. He gets confused and thinks what can this matter be. He thinks maybe Prachin is cheating his wife and Tanya both. Anshuman decides to find out. A guy teases Deepika on the road and Pakhi and Anuja encourage her to slap that guy. Deepika boldly slaps him and gives a lecture to him. Prateek comes to meet her and talks to her wit much disrespect. He starts pointing on her character and calls her bad character which shocks Deepika, as she loved him a lot.

Deepika ends her engagement with him and throws the ring on his face. Anuja thinks why does every man in the world doubts on a woman’s purity, this happened with her, then Pakhi and now Deepika. Pakhi tells Anuja that the same things happened with her, but after her husband realized his mistake, he came to apologize to her and also tried hard to take her back but she did not go with him. Anuja says history repeats itself just the pattern changes. Anuja tells about her children, how she lost them because of her husband. Anuja sees many job mails for Pakhi and asks her to go ahead for it, as she should not miss any golden opportunity. Pakhi refuses as she still wants to be in the same state, and not go much far from where she can’t return.

Anuja asks her to shape her future. Deepika also asks Pakhi to make a new start. Lavanya thinks how can children get affected if there is a fight between parents, she promises Girish that she will never fight with him. Anshuman comes to meet Tanya and tells her that Prachin is cheating her. Tanya does not believe him and thinks he is taking revenge as she did not marry him, and he lost Pakhi too. Anshuman comes home and tells this to Girish and Lavanya. She asks him whats the need to help Tanya, let her go to hell. Anshuman tells her that Tanya is in this problem because of him, and he has to save her.

Anshuman sees Prachin’s wife giving money to a man with Tanya’s pic and thinks there is something wrong going to happen with Tanya. He thinks to alert her. Anshuman tells Tanya about Prachin’s truth but she is adamant and insults him asking him to bend on his knees and request her to come with him. He says I really want to help you, your life is in danger.Anshuman does as she says and she agrees to come with him. He takes her to Prachin’s wife’s house and everyone tell him that there is tolet board, it means the house is vacant. Tanya says this is what he wants to prove and leaves angrily.

Pakhi talks to Deepika about the difference in her life and Anuja’s life. She says I want to give her a chance to meet her children, then let her do what she wants. They try to find out if they can get anything related to her children. She gets Anuja’s letter to her children and plans to mail it. Deepika and Pakhi also write a new letter with it and post it so that he children can get it. Anshuman meets Prachin and wants to know much about his plan, but Prachin does not tell him anything.

Anshuman meets the lawyer and seeks the advice about Tanya. He shows him the paper where there is contract clause. The lawyer says this clause means your friend’s life is in danger. Anshuman gets afraid and says Tanya’s marriage is in evening, I have to warn and stop her. Anshuman comes to meet Tanya to tell her about Prachin once again, but Prachin is already there and fools Tanya in his words. Anshuman hides and hears Tanya is going to beauty parlour. Anshuman thinks it’s the same man who took money from Prachin’s wife, he is Tanya’s driver now, maybe he wants to kill Tanya. Anshuman says if Tanya meets with an accident, Prachin will get her property, I have to stop Tanya.

Anshuman shouts to Tanya that her life is in danger. Anuja looks for her letter and does not get it. She asks Deepika and comes to know that Pakhi has posted it. She comes to meet Pakhi and slaps hr in anger. Anuja says you don’t realize what you did, who are you to touch my letters. Pakhi says a woman who understands your pain, want to give you peace and happiness. She says I will never forgive you for this.Will Anshuman save Tanya in time? Will Anuja unite with her children? Keep reading.