Parmeet and Bani unite Gagan and Randeep; Rajji and Soham trying to expose Vicky in Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Parmeet and Bani try to bring Gagan and Randeep together. Parmeet says lets play a game, of writing out wishes on the chits and praying to the Lord. Parmeet starts the chits and reads the wishes. Randeep writes about Gagan, so that she comes back in my life forever. Randeep proposes to Gagan and says it was the best decision of my life to marry you, and to hurt you was the biggest mistake of my life. After I lost you, I realized I m nothing without you, I have really changed, please forgive me.Gagan accepts his proposal and is really happy to get back his love. They celebrate and come home. Bani and Parmeet are glad. Randeep and Gagan thank Parmeet and Bani.

Parmeet comes in his room and sees Bani combing her hair. He falls in love with her, and thinks to wait till he sees love in her eyes. Parmeet wishes to make all wishes of Bani fulfilled. Bua ji is adamant in making Vicky to get married to her daughter Kookie. Vicky comes to see Kookie with his mum. Bua ji is very happy seeing him and thinks Kookie is very lucky to get a groom like him. Soham and Rajji cross question Vicky and he gives wrong answers which makes them curious to know what is he hiding and why is he lying to them. Soham and Rajji tell this to Bua ji but she does not believe them.

Bua ji scolds Rajji for questioning Vicky. Soham says Rajji was casually talking. Bua ji says why so many questions. Rajji says we should know before marriage, we know NRI cheated many girls in our Pind. Bua ji says I trust my friend who brought this proposal. Kookie is upset. Rajji comes to her. Rajji says we have to plan first. Kookie says I don’t understand why they are hurrying, I don’t want to marry. Rajji tells them that we have to get some proof against Vicky, as its about Kookie’s life and love.

Rajji calls Bani and tells her everything about Kookie’s marriage. Bani is shocked and offers help. She talks to Parmeet and asks him to help her in finding about Vicky, Parmeet uses all his sources and tells Bani that Vicky is not any NRI and is lying to everyone. Guggie is upset and gets a call from Kookie. He thinks what she said about him and does not take her call in anger. Soham pacifies Guggie and asks him to have hope, as he will be marrying Kookie. Anuradha says Rajji I will find out about NRI guy. Bua ji invites Vicky for Shagun. The function goes well. Vicky and his mum hear Rajji finding about him and lie to her again. Rajji tells them that she knows they are not good people and will expose them soon.

Parmeet plans to sing a song for Bani, as its her wish, and sings too bad. Gagan asks him to act like singing and they will play the song. Parmeet agrees and sings the song Chaan mera dil chaandni ho tum. Bani sees Gagan and Randeep playing the song and laughs. She sees love in Parmeet’s eyes and is happy. Bua ji asks Soham to think about Kookie, and let her get married to Vicky, else she will leave the house taking Kookie. Vicky drinks and tells his mum that they can’t find anything about him, as he is not a NRI and did not go out of the city till now, I want them to know my truth. Vicky says I used Vicky’s name as I know Vicky lives in UK, my name in Aman Singh, she does not know this. Soham and Rajji try hard to stop this marriage.

Vicky comes to meet Bua ji and tells her that he can’t take Kookie after marriage, as he needs to apply for her visa and passport and this would cost him around 7-8 lakhs. Everyone is shocked. Bua ji decides to help him with money as a wife has to live with her husband after marriage. Kookie sees Bua ji keeping money in the bag and is shocked. Parmeet arranges a surprise for Bani and brings her and the family to a land. He tells Bani that he will be opening a NGO here on her name. They do the land puja and Bani gets much happy. Soham and Rajji tell Bua ji that she should not give money to Vicky, but Bua ji lies to them. How will Rajji expose Vicky? Keep reading.