Aryaman steals Anshuman’s parent ID card to kidnap Ayaan from his school in Tumhari Pakhi

Aryaman says he is ready to do the DNA test and thinks he can make this people sure that he is a Rathore, which he is not. He goes to the family doctor where Lavanya goes for her checkup. She gives he blood for some tests and he sees it. He smartly exchanges the samples and makes sure his blood matches with Lavanya. Aryaman comes back home and sees cameras everywhere, the security and servants. Pakhi meets Ayaan and he reminds her of her promise to repair that helicopter.Aryaman repairs the toy and later on Anshuman comes to know that Aryaman himself damaged it, but why did he do this.

He starts doubting Aryaman. Lavanya hires Aryaman’s brother Sandeep as her driver for Girish. Girish and Lavanya have a fight and Aryaman gets irritated hearing it. He scolds Lavanya and asks how can she talk like this to her husband. Aryaman says a women should be kept in control. Pakhi says this is not the way to talk. Aryaman says she should know her limit. Lavanya is hurt by his words.Anuja takes Aryaman;s side and Lavanya gets annoyed with her. The servants talk about Aryaman being bad mannered and says Lavanya did not get scolded by Anshuman and Girish. Sukhi says I heard Aryaman stole a watch and is a thief.

Anuja hears them talking that there is nothing same between Anshuman and Aryaman. Aryaman plans to kidnap Ayaan at night but he fails as Pakhi is with Ayaan in his room. Maha ji loses her 2 tola gold chain and the servants gossip. She goes to complain Pakhi saying maybe Aryaman took it as he was a thief. Anuja hearing this scolded Maha ji and Sukhi for blaming her son. Aryaman plans to kidnap Ayaan outside the house and takes him out for cycling. Lavanya goes out to have air and faints on the road by low BP. Aryaman sees her and cancels his plan.

He takes Lavanya to the doctor and everyone is happy seeing his good side. Ayaan says Aryaman stopped car and took lift, Lavanya was lying unconscious on the road. Girish thanks Aryaman. Sandeep catches Aryaman and asks what was the need to take Lavanya to hospital, is she really your sister. Aryaman says humanity is something, I could have not left her to die. Aryaman talks in sleep and says leave me, I don’t want to die, don’t beat me. Anshuman comes there and says Aryaman. He takes out a knife and shows it to Anshuman.

He then makes an excuse that he was seeing a dream and this happens with him often. Anshuman thinks he is strange. Anshuman thinks about Aryaman and thinks why did he go to Ayaan’s room, he is making me doubt on him. Anshuman takes Aryaman to the office and shows him their dream project and the presentation. Aryaman feels bored. Anshuman shows him all the safe keys with all the doors will open. He keeps it in the drawer to test Aryaman. Anshuman says I will just come by making a phone call. He stands far and keeps an eye on Aryaman. Aryaman goes there.

Anshuman thinks sorry Aryaman, I have to do this, if you get the keys, it will be proved that you came to us for money. ryaman takes a key and Anshuman is disappointed as he has broke his trust. He checks the key wallet and is shocked to see study room key missing, not of safety vault. Anuja and Pakhi tell Ayaan that they are keeping fasts for their sons. Aryaman comes and asks what fast. Ayaan tells Anshuman that Dadi is keeping a fast for him and Chachu.Anuja asks Anshuman to gift Pakhi a kamarbandh.

He agrees and flirts with Pakhi asking her to give the measurements. Aryaman’s hand cuts and his bleedings does not stop. The doctor comes and says this is strange as his blood was not stopping, make him have a health checkup. Anshuman says we had it, his DNA matches more than me with my sister. Anshuman and Pakhi have a romantic talk. He says I m talking about kamarbandh, I want you to always wear it, it always remind you of me, even if I m not close to you. Anuja says I m worried about Aryaman, I can understand his pain, he stayed life like me without any relations.

Pakhi pacifies her. Aryaman goes in the study room and closes the door. Anshuman goes there and is about to push the door to open to see what is Aryaman upto. But Anuja stops Anshuman. Anuja scolds Anshuman and says if this door opens, I won’t stay in this house. Aryaman says kidnapping will be done tomorrow.Will Aryaman change or will he really kidnap Ayaan? Keep reading.

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