Rehan exposes Zubair; Zain and Rehan save Aaliya from kitchen fire accident in Beintehaa

Rehan starts questioning Zubair to catch his lies as he understands that Zubair is trying to frame Aaliya of having an affair with him and cheating Zain, to break their relation. Aaliya says what Rehan saw is not true, Zubair lifted her saying there was a cockroach and rest of incidents. He slaps and pushes Zubair on ground and says he didn’t allege Aaliya at all. He then says Zain that Zubair betrayed everyone including Aaliya. He says he enquired about Natasha, but he could not find her anywhere and says he doubted him from the beginning and thinks Aaliya telling Zain as world’s best husband, she cannot betray her husband. He says when Zubair was kissing Aaliya, he called Aaliya and confirmed it was not her and realized Zubair’s plan and let him play his game to catch him red-handed.

He says he saw Zubair adding sleeping tablet in Aaliya’s cold drinks and then carrying her home when she fell asleep. Zain angrily tries to slap Zubair, but Rehan stops him and says Zubair will go back to jail. Zubair says everything is lie, says Surayya is the one who trapped him and made him do all this. Aaliya and Zain does not believe him and kick him out of their house. Zain happily hugs Rehan and thanks him. Rehan says protecting true love is every person’s duty and apologizes Aaliya for doubting her. Surrayya tells Aliya that this year she won’t give out any Zakat because of the misunderstanding with Khatija Bi as thief.

Rizwan proposes to Aayat and asks her to think well and reply. She says Zain that she saw Khatija stealing from her eyes. Zain says he is seeing her from childhood and she cannot steal. Aaliya is adamant on her words. Rizwan says he proposed Aayath to marry him. Rizwan asks Zain how to ask answer from Aayat. Shaziya and Nafisa have a fight over Fahad’s love, and Shaziya taunts Nafisa for the bad scar on her face. Nafisa reminisces Shaziya’s taunt and her telling she is going into kitchen. She comes to kitchen and cuts gas pipe, and her watch falls there. Aaliya switches on gas and lights on the fire.

Rehan hears a boom sound and runs towards kitchen. Zain too comes and shouts Aaliya to save her from fire. hey both lift a heavy table from there and see Aaliya lying under it. Zain picks Aaliya and is relieved that she is alright. They both hug each other. Rehan asks Zain go from there while he informs fire department. Zain gives her water and asks what happened. Aaliya says she said Bismillah and lit matchbox, but table fell on her. She escaped fire because of table. Zain asks if she did not smell gas. Aaliya says she did not. Shaziya says Aaliya she should thank Zain who rescued her. Fighter department employee says gas stove does not have any problem, some one must have cut the pipe.

Surayya sees room freshener and thinks it would have masked gas smell, someone must have done it purposefully. She then sees Nafisa’s watch on ground. Zain reads Holi Quran and prays for Aaliya. Nafisa scolds Rizwan for thinking about Aayath and says she is so ugly, what did he see in her. Rizwan says he came to inform her, not request, he is going to Bhopal with his alliance and asks her also to come with him. Nafisa says he is doing a big mistake. Aaliya asks her to think calmly and take a decision. Surayya shows her watch and asks why did she try to kill Shaziya, what if she would have gone there instead of Aaliya. She asks what if Aaliya would have died, if she would have severely injured.

Surayya asks her to leave the house and Nafisa gets angry. She then remembers Surayya trying to convince Usman to let Fahad marry Shaziya for a boy child. Usman does not agree to her idea saying it is an injustice for Nafisa, but Surayya telling up to 4 marriages are allowed in Islam. Nafisa then comes back to the present time and thinks she suffered 6 years because of Surayya and was always made to feel inferior than Shaziya, now when she will destroy Surayya. Nafisa comes to Rizwan and says she remembers mom/dad’s last words that we both should be together and help each other. She says his happiness matters to her and says she accepts Aayat’s alliance for him and will go with his alliance to Bhopal.

They come to Bhopal to talk to Ghulam and Shabana. Ghulan accepts Rizwan’s proposal for Aayatt. Aaliya and Zain pray god to protect their love. Nafisa informs Shabana that Surayya does not like Aaliya and she is the one behind cylinder blast. Shabana fumes being worried for her daughter. What will Shabana do now to save Aaliya and her future? Keep reading.