Bebe convinces Sameer to go Jalandar for a railways job in Nadaan Parindey

Nadaan Parindey started on 7th April 2014 and promised the viewers that the show will bring some new story and great twists. Nadaan Parindey is basically the story of Sameer. He is a simple village boy who lives with his mother Bebe, who runs a Dhaba to help military widows. Bebe is a good woman who does his good upbringing and also does social works. Everyone respects Bebe in the village. They live at the border of Punjab which is the military hub and many evil people across the border eye this village. Sameer is a good guy but his bad factor is he is useless, good for nothing and not earning anything to support his Bebe. He loves Bebe a lot but does not follow her rules. He don’t have any job and don’t even want to search one as he enjoys his life peacefully and with lots of fun.

Meher is a sweet girl who finds her mum in Bebe. She is a regular visitor to Bebe’s house and Dhaba. Meher helps Bebe in every work. Her dad married her Maasi after her mum died. Her Maasi is her step mum and treats her badly being partial. Meher does not want to spend her time at home, knowing her face hurts her Maasi. Meher is Sameer’s childhood friend. She urges him to do some work and earn a living, but Sameer turns deaf ears to her. One day, she challenges him to go in the military area and bring Amla for her. Sameer does not think of anything and goes inside the prohibited area. The military men fire on him and Meher gets worried thinking Sameer may get shot. She goes to inform Purab, her childhood friend and Sameer’s cousin to save Sameer.

Purab is a perfect gentleman, an army officer, whom girls die to get married. He is the most eligible bachelor in the village and he loves Meher a lot. Meher is not aware of his feelings and regards him only as a friend. Purab plans to marry her soon and does not like her friendship with Sameer. Purab saves Sameer and brings him home. When Bebe come to know about Sameer’s mistake, she beats him. Later on, Sameer apologizes to Bebe and tells he did that for Meher. Meher also apologizes to Bebe and they all have a group hug. Sameer gives Meher the Amlas which he brought for her by taking the risk of his life. Meher is touched by his goodness and honesty.

Bebe asks Meher what kind of guy does she want. Meher tells her that she does not like Purab, and Sameer does not earn anything, so she will have to wait for her prince charming to come. Bebe wishes her all the best. Maasi sees Meher with Sameer hanging around and comes to complain to Bebe. She asks Bebe to limit Sameer at home and ask him to be away from Meher. Purab tells Bebe that he will fix a job for Sameer soon and make him responsible.

Purab brings gifts for everyone, and also for Meher. He gives sweets to Maasi to win her heart, to make her agree for his marriage with Meher.

Purab brings a dress for Meher and waits for the opportunity to give her the dress at the right time. Purab asks Meher to accept lift from him, but she declines. Purab is struck by her beauty and bold nature. Purab tells his friend that he can die for Meher and even kill anyone to get Meher. Purab then finds a railway job for Sameer in Jalandar and informs Bebe about it. He asks Bebe to convince Sameer to leave in two three days. Bebe cries looking at Sameer thinking how will she send Sameer so far, as he has always lived with her. Bebe decides that she has to take a touch decision for the sake of Sameer’s future.

Bebe asks Meher to talk to Sameer about the job. Meher meets Sameer while he was busy taking donations from people for a festival in the village. Meher gives him big donations and makes him happy. She then tells him about the job and asks him to leave for Jalandar. Sameer is shocked and does not agree. He tells her that Bebe will never send him away from her. Meher tells him that this is Bebe’s decision. Sameer is stunned and wants to hear it himself from Bebe. Sameer goes to take an answer from Bebe. Will Sameer leave Bebe and go far from her? Keep reading.