Madhu stops RK from jumping off the giant wheel in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

RK calls Bittu for having fun and talks to him. Bittu does not understand who called him from Madhu’s phone and just then Madhu takes the phone from RK. She lies to Bittu that there was some cross connection and ends the call after asking him about Dida’s health. She then scolds RK for using her phone without her permission and he should not do this again. RK gets annoyed and returns her peacock feather also. He goes to the bathroom and cries. He opens the tap so that his sound should not go out and gets his hand burnt as he opens hot water tap. He starts shouting.

Madhu gets worried and asks him what happened, why is he crying. He acts strong and comes out. He sweetly tells her that his hand burnt and how it happened. Madhu cared for his hand and applies ointment. He says he will apply himself. She asks him to keep the peacock feather always as it will protect him from all calamities. She apologizes to him for scolding him and RK forgives her. They become friends again. A servant comes and tells them that Abhay is asking them to come down for breakfast. RK jumps in excitement. Madhu tries to stop him from going to Abhay. But RK does not listen to her and leaves.

Abhay makes RK have breakfast and insults Madhu by making her dupatta his bib. Madhu does not say anything and gets worried as Abhay takes RK with him to the terrace. She walks up the stairs to reach RK and gets shocked seeing RK standing on the railing. Abhay asks RK to prove that he is a hero and jump off the terrace. Madhu stops RK and takes him with her. She tells RK that he will get hurt if he jumps and Abhay also could not jump off, he is not a hero. RK goes to Abhay and asks him to show Madhu and prove she is a liar. Abhay is caught and has no option but to jump from first floor. Abhay tells Madhu that he will do anything to take his dad’s death’s revenge. RK thinks Abhay jumped and did not get hurt, so maybe he can also jump without getting hurt.

Madhu takes RK to an amusement park and RK shocks her by saying he will jump off the giant wheel. Madhu gets tensed and tries to call him down, but he does not. Madhu at last faints in tension and RK gets down and runs to her. He brings water for her and makes her conscious. RK apologizes to her for giving her so much tension. They come home and Abhay sees them happy. Tamanna plans a dirty game. Dolly gives Madhu some money and asks her to keep it for her help. Tamanna sees that and frames Madhu as a thief. RK supports Madhu and tells everyone that she is not a thief. Everyone is against Madhu and Abhay comes there to ask whats going on. Tamanna tells him everything. Abhay asks RK tpo decide a punishment for Madhu as he is really a liar and a thief.

RK tells him that Madhu did not steal anything. Abhay still adamant asks him to decide. Tamanna tells Abhay that RK has soft corner for her and he will not be able to decide her punishment, so it would be better if he himself decides. Abhay says sure, he will make it easy for Madhu and RK. He brings a cloth and asks RK to give it to her. He tells Madhu to clean everyone’s shoes. Madhu agrees and cleans everyone’s shoes, including RK’s. RK cries seeing her insult and his tears fall on his shoes. Madhu sees him crying and cries. She cleans his shoes and RK steps back. RK comes to his room and brings chocolates to cheer her up.

He asks her not to feel bad of Abhay’s words as he is not bad, but his hero. Madhu gets RK’s Meenakshi teacher’s call who asks Madhu to bring RK to her so that she can discuss his progress. Madhu thinks she has to lie to everyone and make any excuse to take RK there. She wants RK to be safe and happy. But will Abhay allow her to do that. Is Meenakshi genuine or is she Abhay’s helping hand against Madhu? How will Madhu protect RK from Abhay? Keep reading.