Bhaiya ji agrees to Chakor’s education to win elections in Udaan

Tejaswini’s kite cuts by Kasturi’s kite. Bhaiya ji claps shocking everyone. He says Tejaswini, your face shows the anger, hide it, else people will see it. Tejaswini says she is bearing insult, if our good report does not go, it will not be good. Arjun calls Ishwar and tells him how the villagers celebrated Sankranti at haveli, like never before. Ishwar says I trust you and her, just make her dreams true, can I talk to Chakor. Chakor talks to Ishwar. She tells everything whats happening. Ishwar says happy Makar Sankranti.

Chakor says I m very happy and tells everything how she and Arjun hhas fooled Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji hears this and says such a big cheat with me, and gets angry. Arjun says I also want Chakor to get admission in school here and I came to explain her. Bhaiya ji laughs. He says Chakor is not an ordinary bandhua girl, she has become a thought now. Bhaiya ji laughs and says this cheap master has come to benefit me. Bhaiya ji makes everyone throw the food. Bhaiya ji asks Girja to make Chakor tied in chains.

Arjun is caught by Lakhan and goons and fights with them. Chakor says leave Arjun Sir, I will get myself in chains. Bhaiya ji says throw Arjun out. Arjun Desai comes and says stop. Bhaiya ji asks who is he. Arjun introduces himself and shocks everyone. Arjun Desai says I m the one who party sent to decide on you. Arjun Desai says I will trap you in high command Bhaiya ji, come lets free the girl first, who is roaming with the chain of your sin.

Arjun calls Ishwar and tells about Raavan’s Lanka burning, and Chakor getting freed. Ishwar is glad and asks how did this happen. Arjun says I will tell everything later. Bhaiya ji promises Desai that he will not bound any kid and Chakor. Tejaswini bribes Arjun Desai and makes him in their favor. Desai talks to all villagers, and says high command has sent us to make report on Bhaiya ji, your faces show you are happy staying here and will elect Bhaiya ji again. They are shocked. Arjun gets angry and says I won’t leave this cheater.

Bhaiya ji says I regard this Aazaadgunj as heaven, if anyone comes to break it, don’t let them come. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini give money to Desai and asks him to end the matter with sports authority. Desai says Chakor will live in haveli as Bhaiya ji’s daughter, not bandhua. Kasturi and Bhuvan hug her and leave crying. Desai asks Chakor to do his work and asks her help, as elections are coming, she should go and tell villagers to vote only for Bhaiya ji. Chakor is shocked. Bhaiya ji says she is playing a game.

Chakor says I m thinking my parents took loan and you made me bandhua, and I left education to free Ishwar, and I got milk when I made your phone good, what will I get if I help you in getting votes. Bhaiya ji gets angry. Chakor asks for her and all village kids education. They are shocked. Desai asks Bhaiya ji to think. Bhaiya ji says I m sorry, I m fighting elections from Aazaadgunj, and I win always, let me fight elections my way. Lakhan comes with his wife and son. Bhaiya ji talks to Lakhan, and reminds his place. He says I was thinking to give your son a good place when he grows up, but he is thinking something else.

Ranjana says Bhaiya ji wants a new generation of slaves, but don’t count me in it, as I won’t let Lakhan’s son become Lakhan, and Manohar’s son Manohar. Everyone has right to live, if Chagan wants to become something, why are you forcing him. Lakhan’s wife calls her Devi and promises she will support her always. Bhaiya ji is worried and imagines everyone praising Ranjana and cheering on her victory, and Manohar taunts him for losing to his wife. Bhaiya ji comes to Chakor and says I agree for your condition. Baa makes Chakor have the Prasad.

Chakor tells Baa that she is afraid will he do my work after I do his work. Baa says we have to believe him. Baa says Lord will help you in this, its Saraswati puja tomorrow, and tells her about Maa Saraswati, an idol of knowledge and its great ting if educations comes in the village tomorrow. Chakor says it means I should tell Bhaiya ji to keep Saraswati puja. Baa says I m going to village as its Saraswati puja tomorrow. Bhaiya ji asks who is doing it there. Chakor says you will go and smiles. He is shocked. Chakor says you promised me and all kids will go to school, you have to tell it to everyone in village, did you forget so soon.

Bhaiya ji says stop it, I did not say this. Chakor says yes, if you tell this infront of Lord, they will trust you and give you vote. Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that he can fulfill his promise. Tejaswini says shut up. Chakor says I will tell them that he is very good and ask them to give vote. Tejaswini asks her to leave. Chakor asks him to think. He agrees to her and does a photo shoot with her, making her stand infront of him, and angering Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini have an argument. Will Bhaiya ji agree to educate the village kids? Keep reading.