Daddu informs Dadisaa about Shiv’s death and she is shocked. Anandi breaks down seeing Shiv. Shiva becomes a martyr. Jagya takes the call and talks to Daddu. Daddu tells him about Shiv’s death. He cries and gives the phone to Alok. Alok says we will take Shiv’s body to home in sometime. Jagya says we will reach there soon. The police officer giving condolences to Shiv’s family and says Chief Minister ordered for Shiv last rites to be done with National respect. Dadisaa cries for Shiv and worries for Anandi. Jagya says we have to go to Udaipur now. Shiv’s body is brought home. Everyone cries.

Anandi thinks of the happy moments with Shiv and recalls their journey. Dadisaa comes with Jagya and Ganga and hugs Anandi. Shiv’s body is taken for the last rites by the family members. The pandit recites the mantras in the burial ground. The Police force gives tribute, salute and fires in his honour. Anandi looks on. Panditji gives the fire wood to Alok, but Anoop takes it. Daddu asks him to stop and says it is son’s right to give the fire. He says it is Amol’s right. Anoop says but Amol is not Shiv’s blood. Daddu says Shiv accepted him as his son, so that’s why Amol will give him fire.

Amol takes the fire stick and recalls the moments spent with his father. Subhadra tells everyone that Ira refused to make Anandi wear white saree and do widow rituals. Ira comes with Anandi and says it is not right. Daddu says Anandi won’t wear these clothes and this is my decision. Alok and Amol say they are leaving for Asthi Visarjan/ashes immersion and Anoop stops them. He offers to go along with them. Police comes with Shiv’s friend Rajeev. He introduces himself and says he is Rajeev. He was in the same mission in which Shiv lost his life. He tells everything. A flashback is shown. Rajeev says it is very easy to take someone’s life, but difficult to give his life for others. He says Shiv was selfless and great man.

Dadisaa says she wants to take her and Amol to Jaitsar and asks about her opinion. Anandi refuses saying it is her house and family. Anandi says she will definitely come whenever she needs her. Dadisaa hugs her and asks her to take care. Amol comes to Anandi and thinks what to do to make her happy. He makes her smile with the help of puppy toys. Anandi says she loves her three children a lot. She recalls Anandi’s childhood marriage with Jagya. She recalls scolding Anandi and acting tough with her. She recalls Jagya bringing Gauri home, and Dadisaa getting her divorced from Jagya and then married her to Shiv.

She recalls Anandi informing her about her pregnancy and then Shiv’s death. Dadisaa feels her pain and cries. Gehna consoles her. Dadisaa held condolence meeting in memory of Shiv. Anandi says I can’t turn my face from my responsibilities and have to go NGO. Daddu says it is shocking moment for her, but she faced the troubles everytime. He says we got shaken, but Anandi didn’t leave her strength. Amol comes to Anandi and brings milk for her. Anandi gets touched by his gesture. He asks her to drink. Anandi drinks.

Amol makes her sleep. Alok, Daddu and Anoop bring toys for Anandi’s unborn children. Alok says we brought this toys for coming children. Daddu says we brought it after thinking about the possibilities. The new collector of Udaipur Vinay comes to Daddu’s house and introduces himself. Anandi reads the letter sent by the govt and tells Daddu that the govt has decided to honour Shiv with Rajastan Ratna award for his bravery. He says Shiv’s PF, gratuity and other benefits will be transferred in 2-3 days. Everyone get emotional and feels proud of Shiv. Anandi talks to Dadisaa and tells her about the award.

Dadisaa praises Shiv and feels proud of him. Anandi says she will try not to be weak. She asks about her studies. Dadisaa says she is studying and will pass with good marks. She says she will fulfill Shiv’s dream. Anandi, Amol, Daddu and everyone reach for the Republic day celebration. Daddu says he is proud. The Chief Minister comes escorted by the body guards. They salute the national flag and sing National Anthem. The school teacher thanks Jagya for coming for the Republic day celebrations and asks Dadisaa to say a few words. Dadisaa gives a good speech about independence and Republic day significance. Everyone smile and applaud Dadisaa. What will happen next? Keep reading.