Bhuvan goes Lucknow to being Chakor back in Udaan

Chakor’s dreams are seen in Arjun’s eyes. He wants her to do her best and tries to see himself in her, which Ishwar realizes very well. Ishwar says I feel Arjun is like Chakor, he sees himself in Chakor. Abha asks what do you mean. Ishwar says I feel Arjun wants to get rid of some stamp on himself or his heart. Arjun asks Chakor to run faster and sees timer. Kasturi prays for Chakor. Baa prays and sees Imli fainting. She holds her. Chakor falls on the race ground. Arjun asks Chakor to get up. Imli talks about Chakor in half sense state. Kasturi asks Lord why is he punishing her by taking her two eyes Chakor and Imli.

Arjun asks Chakor to focus on the goal and teaches her new words. Chakor starts running very fast and Arjun teaches from A to Z in one day, with multiple words. Lakhan asks Bhuvan to save Imli as its in his hands now. Lakhan says he is very worried for Imli, its like she can’t bear to do work there, she does not talk, does not eat food, just stay dull, I m afraid she can die. Bhuvan tells Kasturi that they have to sacrifice Chakor’s dream and stop her flight to save Imli’s life. Kasturi says she won’t bring Chakor here, and she will make her stay in Lucknow, is there no way, Bhuvan says no, Imli is weak, she will die.

Kasturi says they will kill Chakor too. Chakor and Imli are shown. While Chakor runs happily, Imli is sad. The inspector comes and greets Bhaiya ji. He says he did as he told her, and reads the FIR that Ishwar has kidnapped Chakor, and Bhuvan is afraid that Ishwar can sell her to someone and asks inspector to take Bhuvan to Lucknow. Chakor starts saying abcd with many words, as Arjun taught him. Prabhakar is stunned and claps for her, making everyone happy. Ishwar says I knew she will win your heart one day. Prabhakar says he is not her enemy, but he is worried for his son, as he can’t bear if he loses him. Aditya teaches Chakor her name spelling. Chakor writes her name in Ishwar’s shirt.

Ishwar and Aditya call her educated now. She sees her stamp and says its still there. Ishwar says you have to study well and make your name to erase it. Chakor and Aditya jump as Vivaan is coming and they will play and study. Vivaan tells Ranjana that he has to go Aditya’s home to get his book. Ranjana asks him to go to his room, and not lie because of Chakor. Aditya says Vivaan will not come. Chakor says she felt Vivaan was crying. Aditya says it won’t be good if we go there. She asks why. He says he did not think, he feels they should not go. He tells her that Vivaan’s dad has kidnapped her before and Ishwar won’t allow them to go now. Chakor says no, I know this already and tells about Manohar admitting it to Prabhakar. Aditya says what, then why do you want to be Vivaan’s friend. Chakor says its not Vivaan’s mistake in this.

Aditya says Vivaan was misunderstanding you thinking his parents are separated because of you. She says its old thing now, and they are good friends, and promises have to be kept. They smile. Aditya feels proud of her. Ishwar gets a call from inspector and he asks about Manohar. Aditya tells Chakor he is talking about Vivaan’s dad. Ishwar says send him to jail along with his family. Aditya and Chakor come to meet Vivaan. Aditya sees party going on and stops Chakor as Ranjana dislikes her. They inform guard and meet Vivaan. Manohar is also there and sees Bhuvan coming there.

He scolds Bhuvan and asks inspector to come with him to Ishwar’s house to arrest him on Bhuvan’s FIR. Kasturi sees Imli in bad state in haveli and meets Baa. She brings kada for her, and Tejaswini kicks her out, asking her to bring Chakor to take Imli home. Chakor meets Bhuvan and says she knew he will come to Lucknow. He calls her and she hugs him smiling. Manohar tells Ishwar that Bhuvan has done Fir against him, that he has kidnapped Chakor and want to sell her, now he will be handcuffed. Ishwar looks at Bhuvan in shock. The inspector says the blame of kidnapping of Chakor is on Manohar, we were trying to find you since months. Manohar gets arrested and is taken away. Bhuvan worries that Bhaiya ji can kill Imli now. Ishwar calls Bhaiya ji to solve his problem. Will Bhaiya ji free Imli and Chakor? Keep reading.