Circus Special in India’s Got Talent Season 5

The Saturday’s episode of India’s Got Talent was an amazing showcase of the best circus artists. Manish Paul makes an entry like Shahrukh Khan and the song Mai Yahaan Hoon Plays. Manish hosts the show and makes the journey even more enjoyable. The circus artists tell about their struggle in their respective lives. Sau Dard hai plays. The first artists show their art. Kiran talks to them asking what are you going to do here. They say aerial show. The show starts. It was an awesome performance. Kiran Kher, Karan Johar and Malaika Arora Khan praise their performance.

Manish brings some light moments in the show where he tries to shot his strength but fails. Bharti adds to the entertainment factor. Everyone enjoy their team performance. Karan and Nisha do the deadly bike riding show. The performance ends and Karan Johar is all praises for them. He says I could not even ride a motor cycle and what all you did was marvellous. Next group comes with head Ajit from Manipur. They do Manipuri Martial Arts. Malaika wishes them all the best. Their act was one of the best acts as seen on Indian Television till date. Kiran gives them a standing ovation and says I saw it without getting afraid as you have choreographed the martial arts well. Karan Johar praises the women in the act.

Karan salutes to Ajit and his Manipuri team. Manish dances on the song Dil na diya. He brings the theme of circus live. There are many circus acts on the show which makes the viewers watch the show without moving their eyeballs. One of the participant Preeti does the skywalk at 45 feet height. It leaves the judges speechless. Karan recalls Aaj mai Upar aasman niche song and says its on you, walked with so much precision and took a poetic turn.

Kiran says I was afraid seeing you, you did it very beautifully and boldly. They select her. Bharti and Mantra create a funny scene and introduces the next participant. They cycle but its diiferent. They make structural forms and everyone say yes to them. Next comes a group which does the famous Circus trapeze act. Aasman tera mera hua Plays. The judges like their show and Karan says its all about loving your big one circus family. LOL. He says I used to be scared seeing all this in circus, but I thoroughly enjoyed. Malaika selects them.

Bharti says the people who perform in circus stay far from their family for months only to entertain the viewers and earn their living. The decision is shown and Karan without breaking anyone’s heart, says you all have made me feel proud. It’s a happy ending, a happy Saturday Night.

The Sunday Episode shows a technical visual which has patriotic feel in it. Vivek Patel is the man to be selected first in the Sunday special. Some dance performers showcase their talent. Everyone clap for their heart touching performance. Kiran says it’s a perfect indian act, your dance, your costumes, the color, everything was outstanding. Kiran talks to the trainer of the dance troupe. They are selected by Karan and Kiran.

A mimicry artist comes and acts like Irfan Khan, Lata Mangeshkar and Paresh Rawal and many eminent actors. Kiran says you were outstanding. Karan says you are very talented, I am very impressed. Malaika says it was fun to watch. He gets yes from all the judges. Many artists get to taste the failure and rejection.

Ansu Kumar, a boy from a poor family, does contemporary dance. He gets a standing ovation from all the judges. Kiran says there was perfection to the core, I have seen how much you have worked hard for this day. She says your mum would be watching this on tv when it airs, she will be proud of you. Karan says it’s a yes from my side, you have become famous now. He gets a clear ticket from all the judges. Another pair comes whose name is Negative vibe. Karan asks why is the name such and jokes.

Kiran says we will name you positive vibe, we love your performance. Its very tough to make sounds and create music, which you did with so much ease. Few blind boys Star guys perform next and their confidence is all one can boost about. They also get a standing ovation from the judges. The weekend showed some breath taking performances which enthralled the audience. Watch this space next week for more updates.