Dipika planning to break Jai and Dhara’s relation in Sanskaar

Dipika has the jealousy factor in her. Every time anyone praise Dhara infront of her, she gets jealous and can’t stand to hear anything more from them. Dipika wants to win everyone’s heart by acting sweet. But that does not happen, as everyone knows her real intentions that she does not like Dhara and wants her out of Jai’s life. This week, Dipika could not control her anger and tried to harm Dhara. She hears Dhara talking to Aarvi and Nanku how much is Shiv’s Abhishek important.

Dhara and Jai have to do the oua and before that they have to do an Anushthaan by walking bare footed all from their house to the mandir. Jai gets a tough time, but in Dhara’s company, he gets fine and happy. His foot gets hurt by stones. He tells Dhara that he can’t walk further. Dhara asks him to close eyes and do not think about stones.

He does so and really feels better. They talk on the way and Dhara tells him about her tough life before marriage. She tells about her struggles in life and that after the seven months end, her life is again be like that. Jai does not understand why she said that and asks her. She says after I leave your house, I have to go back to my poor life and struggle again.

Jai thinks he was mistaken thinking Dhara married him for money. He feels she married him only to save his life and feels happy. She falls in love with her. The Anushthaan gets over and they come home. Ansubaa asks them to get ready for the puja. Dipika gets angry seeing both of them together. Jai helps Dhara in getting ready. Dipika keeps an eye on them and thinks of doing something. Jai and Dhara have a talk as she makes the rangoli.

Dipika makes the milk of Abhishek fall on the ground. But luckily, it falls on Jai and Dhara. Ansubaa is happy thinking it is a very good sign as their Abhishek is done like Shiv and Parvati. Dipika thought everyone will take that as a bad sign but the opposite happens. Dipika’s plan flops. Everyone are happy seeing Jai and Dhara. Ansubaa asks them to go and change. Dhara and Jai get closer as Jai asks Dhara for the towel. They hold hands and have an eyelock.

Dipika comes in their room and sees them closer. She asks Jai to leave and she will bring Dhara along with her. Jai leaves. Dhara comes after him and they congtinue doing the puja. The puja gets over after a while and Jai and Dhara are happy. Dhara prays for Jai’s safety and Jai wishes that he will continue the marriage with Dhara. Dhara sleeps at night and Jai looks at her thinking. He talks to Bhoomi’s photo and tells her that he has fallen in love with Dhara, but does not have guts to tell her.

He says I have taken a U turn in life but don’t know how to go ahead in life with Dhara. He decides that he will not end his marriage with Dhara and will make her his wife forever and he hopes Dipika understands his decision. Jai feels happy in Dhara’s presence. He starts taking good care of her. Parul sees Jai’s love for Dhara and is happy that finally he has started being happy and that happened only because of Dhara.

She tells this to Ansubaa how much Dhara is responsible for his safety and happiness. Ansubaa is also happy. Parul talks to Ketki and asks her to explain Dipika not to come in between Jai and Dhara as they are made for each other. She says Jai likes Dhara and I won’t sacrifice my son’s happiness for the sake of Dipika. She asks Ketki to make Dipika understand that Jai will not marry her now. Ketki gets shocked. Dilip tells Ketki that if she does anything bad with Dhara, then their relation will be at stake. He asks her to promise that she will not hurt Dhara anymore.

Ketki promises and says I will not support Dipika now and from now on I will be good towards Dhara. Dilip gets happy. Ketki talks to Dipika and asks her to move on and forget Jai. She praises Dhara and says she really saved Jai many times. Dipika gets angry hearing this from Ketki and holds her neck to beat her. Ketki saves herself and tells Dipika she won’t support her. What will Dipika do now? What will be her next plan? Keep reading.