Simran to educate a village girl in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai

Tau ji does not want girls to get educated in the village. He is against it and thinks girls should be only in the kitchen and serve the family. That is how he limits their life. Every man of the village agrees with Tau ji’s decision and limits their wives and daughters from educating themselves. Tau ji is adamant about his decision and can die but will not change his decision. Tau ji has a bad impression of educated girls, thanks to his son Bharat and his wife.

Bharat went to the city to study and married to an educated girl. She could not adjust in Tau ji’s house and tried to control everyone showing her education level and calling everyone the illiterate people. She tries to manipulate and break the house. Tau ji feels every educated girl is like her and does not want to sharp the village girls who are innocent by making them study and lose their innocence. He thinks the girls can go beyond their boundaries once they get educated. He even keeps the women of his life under strict rule, but no one goes against him and respects him.

Tau ji trusts Simran a lot. He wants her to stand against Lohari in the sarpanch elections of the village. He wants Simran to do the best campaigns and win everyone’s heart and votes. He wants her to win the elections and become the female sarpanch of the village. He thinks Simran is smart, intelligent and illiterate, who will match to every woman in the village and can solve their problems being one of them.

He thinks Simran is a village girl as Simrna lied to him about her real identity and that she is from Singapore, and educated. Tau ji thinks Simran is the one whom he has blindly trusts and she will take the right decisions for the village if she becomes the sarpanch. She can understand their problems and pain and will give her best to tackle the problems and eradicate their pain. He thinks Simran can prove her mettle if she is given a chance and only she can stand against Lohari.

Lohari on the other hand, is very furious with Tau ji for choosing Simran over her. Lohari also does some campaigns to get votes. She tries her best and also hires some goons to beat up the villagers and force them to give the votes to her. She is trying every possible way to get the votes, by hook or crook. She is an evil soul who does not regard goodness and honesty.

Simran does her campaign, and during it she meets a girl Wazeero. The girl talks to her for a while and they soon become good friends. The girl tells Simran that she has a wish to study and this village does not allow her to fulfill her dreams. Simran feels bad for her as the girl tells about Tau ji’s decision which the whole village follows. Simran promises her that she will teach her and that she should keep this as a secret and no one should know about it.

Wazeero also promises that she will not name her even if anyone asks her strictly. Simran starts meeting the girl often and starts teaching her at an isolated place where no one can see them learning. Wazeero enjoys the studying experience and thanks Simran. She asks Simran is she educated. Simran tells her truth to her that she is educated and is from Singapore, not a villager. Wazeero is shocked and promises she won’t tell this to anyone. The days passes. One day, Wazeero’s dad catches her with the books and finds her studying at home.

He gets furious and tears the books. He asks her who gave her the books and who is teaching her, but Wazeero does not take Simran’s name. He brings her to Tau ji and tells everything that someone has started educating girls in the village. Tau ji gets much angry and his reaction stuns Simran. Rajveer again and again asks Simran to stop teaching Wazeero, but Simran does not listen to him. What will Simran do now? Will she break Tau ji’s trust and teach Wazeero? Keep reading.