Gutur Gu

Gutur Gu Watch online Most of us aim to be our ideal weight. This may be difficult to achieve for many. Next week on SAB TV’s Gutur Gu, the Ahuja family will be fixated on fattening up the lanky Rahul Ahuja (Rahuol Lohani). He will be prescribed a medicine by a dietician which is to boost his appetite.

On having that medicine, Rahul becomes like the nursery rhyme character- the Robin the Bobbin who has a voracious appetite. He will continue to munch 24 X 7. The newly turned glutton will eat whatever food is available in his house and be raiding the fridge late at night. In the process he will blow up like a balloon.

We called Rahul who confirmed the news. “I ate five to six samosas, one plate of idli, many chappatis, vegetables, biriyani, two bananas, an apple, juices, milk, five to six jalebis, chole bhature and six slices of white bread. I gladly ate so much as it was the demand of the serial. My director asked me if I wished to throw up but that wasn’t necessary. Most of the time, I am on a diet in real life. Sudden binging when you are calorie conscious leads to weight gain. I have put on about 2.5 kgs in the process, which I badly want to lose now. I am looking for a dietician.”

Thankfully in real life a dietician will not give him a pill which will decrease his appetite to such an extent that he will disappear into thin air. That can only happen in Gutur Gu.

SAB TV’s Gutur Gu 2 (Fireworks Productions) has been creatively experimenting with the science fiction genre from time to time. On this weekend’s episode a man eating plant will be keen to gobble the characters alive. As this is a comedy, the plant will surely not kill anyone or wreck havoc in the household but rouse many a comic moment.

Our source revealed to us that Cheeku (Jay Chakkar) will take a playful revenge on KK (KK Goswami), will make a benign plant metamorphose into an ominous gigantic Venus Flytrap.

KK is peeved with Cheeku for messing and creating chaos in their home. The naughty child intentionally steals the dangerous chemical from his elder scientist brother’s laboratory and smears it on the plant watering spray of the Ahuja household.

Bhavana (Bhavana Balsavar) will water the plants being completely oblivious of the fact that the spray has been contaminated with a substance which will make the plant shoot up in size instantly and also turn it carnivorous.

Bhavna will erroneously think that KK is the culprit. Will KK’s innocence be proved and Cheeku’s hand in the matter be revealed?