Riya madly in love with Girish; Pakhi tries to find out whom Riya loves in Tumhari Pakhi

Riya comes to meet Girish and gives him flowers. They have a talk. She thanks him for helping her so much. Riya takes the baby and talks to her. She shows Girish that Lavanya does not care for the babies. He gets angry and calls Lavanya. She cuts the call and he gets more angry. He calls again and scolds her. Anuja offers help to Riya and says she knows she loves a married man. Anuja thinks Riya will run with his man, and Pakhi’s name will be spoiled. Riya smiles and thinks she is helping me in breaking her daughter’s home, the day she knows, she will be shocked. Pakhi and Veer start their acting infront of Riya and fight on petty issues.

Riya dresses like Lavanya and looks at the mirror. She says Girish will like me now. Pakhi comes and is shocked seeing her. Riya turns and Pakhi looks at her dress. Riya gets tensed. Riya lies to Pakhi that Lavanya is her role model and she wants to be like her, so she dressed like her and want to look like her. Pakhi smiles and says yes, its good you follow her as role model, but you should keep yourself unique. Girish gets angry. Lavanya says she has decided and he has to decide will he support her or not. He says he won’t do. She says you know big homes kids grow with Nanny, just like Ayaan. He says yes, but before Pakhi came, see the difference after she came. She says she will keep Nanny, she is not Pakhi.

He says you can’t be like Pakhi. Veer and Pakhi fight again for food matter. Riya looks on and leaves. . Riya goes to buy perfume for Girish and breaks samples by mistake. The manager asks her to pay for it. Pakhi comes and pays Rs 3 lakhs. Riya thanks her. Veer asks Pakhi why did she get Rs 3 lakhs from office. Pakhi says she needed it. He says but why, you know the rules of company, its not personal account. Pakhi says my office, my account, if I take even Rs 3 crore, who are you to ask. He says you got 3 lakhs cash. She says I will forget why I have to respect you if you try to control me. Pakhi thinks Riya will come to talk to me after this fight. Riya tells Pakhi why she hates Veer.

Her parents used to fight because of his love letters, which he wrote to her mum, and her parents died too because of him. She says she can never forgive him. Pakhi cries. Veer hears this standing far and is shocked. She says dad took mum on long drive when he was drunk. She says he was much drunk, mum cried and shouted, but he did not listen to her, then I got to know about their accident. Veer tells Riya that he loved Kirti a lot, if he knew she was in pain, he would have saved her life. Riya says I m sorry and hugs him crying. He leaves. Riya smiles thinking she knew Veer and Pakhi cheating her. Riya messages Anuja how she has fooled Veer and Pakhi, after they have fooled her. Anuja smiles and thinks how Pakhi made the plan and she heard everything. Anuja has then told everything about Pakhi’s plan to Riya.

Anuja asked them to play a game with them and make Veer support her later on, to get married to that married man. Anuja thinks she won. Pakhi hears Riya saying she learnt baby keeping, she can’t wait to admit her love to him. Pakhi thinks did Riya love some married man, who has kids. She worries for Riya. Pakhi confronts her as all this a part of play. Riya says no, I was playing with the doll. Pakhi says you said no one will say Riya can’t manage kids. Pakhi holds her hand and asks her to share anything in her heart, she is like her friend. Riya thinks of Anuja’s words not to tell Pakhi. She says she wants to become Nanny.

Riya gets ready to meet Girish and messages him asking him to come to the restaurant as her friend is his big fan. Pakhi comes to talk to her and thinks maybe Riya will talk openly today. The phone gets the message and Pakhi thinks to check whether its from the one she is going to meet, but its not good to see her phone, butt maybe its good for her. She takes the phone in her hand. Anuja stops her. Will Pakhi find out that Riya loves Girish? Keep reading.