Hina Khan decides to SHOW OFF her IQ; ends up making a FOOL of herself

The Bigg Boss house is surely proving to be a den of funniness with each passing day! Along with being one of the most notorious places to be, the Colors’ flagship reality show has most recently earned itself the reputation of housing the pseudo intellectuals!
Everyone in the Bigg Boss house is trying to prove that they are immensely knowledgable in almost all subjects including general knowledge, Geography. Yes, all of them are scholars! And we say they are utter fools!
For instance, in a bid to display her knowledge Hina Khan made a BLUNDER! She was making fun of Arshi Khan’s GK and sought to ask questions straight from a geography book! So she asked – “Acha to woh kaunsi country jiske beech se chaar tropics jaate hai?” (Name the country through which all the four tropics pass)
And we are like Really?!
Hina, tell us from where and how have the two tropics proliferated into FOUR?
For all the readers and avid Hina Khan fans, let us inform there are just two tropics – The tropic of cancer and Tropic of Capricorn! And we seriously don’t know what would happen if the tropics proliferated into another two! There might just be a CATASTROPHE!
Hina is truly proving to be the biggest fool on the show! We wonder why these footages of Hina Khan are not being telecast on TV, all of this would surely be an eye opener for all the Hina Khan fans!