Holi Celebrations brings Anshuman and Pakhi closer making Tanya jealous in Tumhari Pakhi

Tumhari Pakhi had the tennis tournament this week. Tanya and Pakhi were asked to play against each other and whoever wins will be playing with Anshuman in mixed doubles against Lavanya and Girish. Anshuman asks Pakhi to wear the clothes she is comfortable in and not lose as he wants her to win. Pakhi wears the short skirt and Anshuman stares at her. He tells her that she looks stunning and will rock. She acts like she is not free in it and as Anshuman told her, she then wears a salwar suit and comes to play the match. Tanya and Pakhi start as Girish makes the announcement.

Pakhi plays well and gives a tough beat to Tanya. Ayaan thinks Tanya will win and he wants his mum to win, so he keeps a banana skin on the ground so that Tanya falls and does not win. Pakhi sees that and saves Tanya from falling. In the process, Pakhi loses the game, just to save her. Anshuman notices that and feels Pakhi is the winner for him. Tanya gets a chance to support Anshuman in the mixed doubles. Vikram comes and Lavanya hugs him to make Girish jealous. Lavanya asks Vikram to play with her as Girish does not play well. Vikram happily agrees. Girish really gets jealous and understands why is Lavanya doing this, intentionally to make him feel that she is in love with Vikram, but actually she is not.

They start playing the mixed doubles. Anshuman plays well and just then he sees Pakhi’s back zip slowly opening and her back is getting exposed. He leaves the game and runs to cover her up. He hugs her and pulls the zip up. Pakhi feels that and thanks him happily. She understands why he hugged her and what he did. Even Tanya sees that but is angry as they have lost the game because of Pakhi. Tanya argues with Anshuman saying Pakhi may have done that purposely to attract you. Anshuman gets angry on her and scolds her for saying that against Pakhi. He says Pakhi can’t even dream of doing anything like that. Tanya gets annoyed and does not speak to him.

Anshuman leaves seeing how selfish she has become for victory. Lavanya asks Tanya to cool down and play safe. She asks her to act sweet towards Anshuman so that he does not doubt on her and continues loving her. Tanya understands what Pakhi does with Anshuman, she thinks Lavanya is right and Pakhi is doing the same thing and winning Anshuman’s heart. Taya decides that she will also do what Pakhi is doing and win Anshuman’s trust and love. She starts acting sweet to him and Anshuman feels why is Tanya behaving so goody goody like Pakhi.

Lavanya asks Tanya to do the arrangements for the Holi event. Tanya starts doing it and Anshuman is impressed seeing her work so well and in the budget. He gets happy and thinks Tanya will win Pakhi’s challenge. Ayaan and Girish are on their mission trying to bring Anshuman and Pakhi closer. Ayaan asks Anshuman and Pakhi to be as a real and loving husband and wife. Anshuman and Pakhi are experiencing a different phase in their lives thanks to Ayaan and this gives happiness to Pakhi.

Tanya gets jealous seeing them. She thinks of doing something and restricts Pakhi asking her to do what she says as she is going to be the future wife of Anshuman and Pakhi won’t be having any place in the house. They then burn the holika at night. Pakhi makes Anshuman follow all the rituals which he was not aware of. Anshuman is happy. Tanya taunts Pakhi but Pakhi answers her well. The Holi day comes and everyone play holi.

Anshuman and Pakhi color Ayaan and they look a small happy family. They go out to play holi with everyone. Lavanya, Girish, Vikram and Mr. Rana also comes. Anshuman and Pakhi have a dance after they drink Bhaang. Mr. Rana gets furious seeing how Anshuman is shamelessly dancing with Pakhi infront of everyone. He scolds Lavanya and tells her that Tanya will no longer stay in Anshuman’s house. What will Anshuman do now? Will Tanya step out of Anshumans house? Keep reading next week for more updates on this show.