Ratan Singh demands Mannu; Vivek proposes to marry Saachi in Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu is showing high voltage drama regarding Saachi’s alliance and Mannu’s bone marrow transplant. Saachi’s alliance get fixed. She is liked by groom’s family. They praise her values. Saachi asks her father Alok to be clear about her rape incident to the groom’s family. Alok couldn’t speak to groom’s family. Whenever he tries to say, groom’s father stop him saying he is against dowry. At haveli, Jagya is in dilemma about taking to Ratan Singh. Sumitra asks him to go ahead and talk to Ratan Singh. Ratan Singh is the one who can save Mannu by donating his bone marrow. Rakhi tells her parents about Saachi and tells them that she is influencing Vivek. They plan revenge against Saachi.

Amol is writing his exam. His friend Gopal throws the chit and it falls near Amol. Teacher suspects Amol and asks him to confess to cheating. Amol pleads innocent. Teacher calls Anandi to the school. Anandi believes in Amol and tells the Principal that her son didn’t do any cheating as he is well versed with the answers. Principal bars Amol from writing the exam. Anandi is upset and is taking Amol. Gopal comes to Anandi and confesses to do the cheating. Principal is ashamed that she doubted Amol. She asks Amol to rewrite his exam. Gopal parents come. Gopal tells that he was pressurized to come 1st in the class. Anandi makes them understand that kids should not be pressurized, and they should be supported by the parents. Gopal parents realizes their mistakes.

Jagya comes to Ratan Singh and tells him about Mannu suffering from blood cancer. Ratan singh questions him asking what he did to his son. Jagya tells him that he tried to treat him with every possible treatment but failed. He requests Ratan Singh to donate the bone marrow to save Mannu. Ratan Singh laughs aloud and refuses to help saying it is a revenge from him.

Jagya comes home and informs everyone that Ratan Singh refused to save Mannu. Everyone is shocked. Jagya assures them that he will save Mannu at any cost. Dadisaa challenges God to save Mannu. Everyone celebrate holi ka dahan. Jagya prays to God to save Mannu. Ratan Singh’s parents come to haveli and gives Ratan Singh’s message to Ganga. They tell her that Ratan Singh asked her to meet him in the jail alone. Saachi invites Vivek home for holi celebration. Amol does mischief with Saachi and throws the holi colour on her. Later Saachi throws a bucket of colored water on him. Saachi runs while celebrating holi and falls on Vivek. They have an eye lock. Saachi apologizes to Vivek. Alok asks Saachi to give thandai to Vivek.

Vivek suggests Saachi to tell the truth to Anuj. Anuj comes. Saachi tells him everything clearly about her rape incident. Anuj praises her honestly and says he will be proud if they get married. Ganga promises Mannu that they will play holi next year as he is not well now. Rakhi informs her parents about Vivek. She tells them that Saachi is getting married and Vivek went to her house to celebrates holi. Vivek’s mom determines to break Saachi’s alliance anyhow. Saachi informs her family that she spoke to Anuj and he understood her sayings. Alok gets Anuj’s father call saying they are coming there with shagun tomorrow. Alok thinks, Anuj have talked to his parents.

Jagya and Ganga come to meet Ratan Singh in the jail. Ratan Singh tells Ganga that he will talk to her alone else he is not interested. Jagya goes outside the cell. Ganga pleads with him to save Mannu. Ratan Singh tells Ganga that he will save Mannu but he has one condition. He asks her to give Mannu to him in exchange of saving his life. He asks her to make a quick decision. Ganga agrees for the condition. Ratan Singh smiles.

Ganga comes out and tells him that Ratan Singh asked her to give Mannu to him forever. Jagya is shocked. He promises her that he won’t allow Mannu to go to him. Jagya and Ganga come home and tells the family that Ratan Singh agreed on a condition. Ganga says, she paid a big price and tells about Ratan Singh demanded Mannu for saving him. They are shocked. Dadisaa and Sumitra refuse to give Mannu to Ratan Singh.

Sumitra asks Jagya to give an advertisement in the newspaper seeking the donor. Ganga tells everyone that she agreed for Ratan Singh’s condition. In the night, some men pasted poster of Saachi with a message that she is a characterless woman and traps men. Anuj comes with his parents in the morning. His dad shows the pamplets of Saachi. Alok is shocked. They speak ill about Saachi and breaks the alliance. Saachi tells them that she already told everything to Anuj. Anuj stays silent. Saachi asks him, why he didn’t inform his parents. Anuj’s mom asks her to stay away from her son.

Ira scolds Anuj as he hide the truth from his parents. Both the families have an argument. Anandi thanks Anuj’s mom for breaking the alliance and says your son is not capable to protect Saachi. It is good that the relation is ended else she would have to suffer. Saachi is hurt and goes to her room. Everyone are shocked. Vivek comes to Saachi’s house and says I want to marry Saachi. Everyone are surprised. Keep reading Balika Vadhu.