Iqbal and Sameer turn out to be twin brothers; Minty going against Meher’s warning in Nadaan Parindey

Bebe asks Iqbal to do her husband’s Barsi Havan which he denies as his father is still alive. She asks him to bring back Sameer or sit in the havan. Iqbal dreams he got caught by the family and he is totally exposed. He gets tensed and agrees to sit in the havan. about havan. I m dying to talk to you. I m on mission and can’t talk to my family, you stay safe, I can just pray this. Channi and Mama promote Pro Kabbadi league. Bebe comes to meet Dargah Baba and says her husband was a traitor. She says he took my son and she made her husband look good as Sameer would not hate her. She says Iqbal is also a traitor.

Sameer is in lockup and Iqbal’s dad goes to meet him. Sameer says I m not Iqbal, I m Sameer.Purab fills Minty’s ears against Meher and she believes him. The both try to teach lesson to Meher and fake her kidnapping so that everyone blames Meher. The family goes against Meher. Iqbal tells Meher that Minty and Purab are together hurting her, but Meher does not believe him. Minty comes back home and taunts Meher and says no one can stop her from marrying Purab. He pandit notices this Sameer does not know rituals well, even when he does it every year. He asks him to forward his hand.

Purab asks Sameer are you fine. Iqbal says I m fine. Sameer shouts he is not Iqbal, he is Sameer. Iqbal’s dad says you are my son Iqbal Khan, I m your dad Mehtaab Khan. Sameer says my dad died. The old man says who is this Sameer. Iqbal gives his hand and pandit ties the red thread. Iqbal’s dad thinks about Sameer’s words that he is Sameer, not Iqbal. He says what happened to my Iqbal, they have tortured him and did this state. He gets a file. Bebe gets a book. Iqbal’s dad is Bebe’s husband, and is father of Iqbal and Sameer. Bebe sees the pics in which there are twins.

Minty says I went to Gurudwara with Balli, its not Meher’s mistake. She says she met a woman there who told her that her son is missing and she came out to help her, and some goons covered me with blanket and took me with them. She says they said they kidnapped wrong girl, and left me. Mama says now you sister hug and talk. Meher and Minty smile and hug. Meher says I was so worried, come here. Minty says if you come in between me and Purab now, or try to break our relation, then it will be really bad. I won’t let you get a chance to regret, Purab and I did this together. Purab comes and smiles.

Meher cries and says fine, you said what you wanted, hear me now, if you think you can end out relation by showing anger, you are wrong, I did not let you cry since childhood, and I won’t let you cry today, this is not love, its false. He will ruin you, you will know his truth one day and you will come to me, I will always protect you, I will always be your elder sister.Mehtaab gets missed calls from Indian mobile number, on which he calls back and is shocked to know Iqbal is in India on a mission and the one who is claiming himself to be Sameer is in the jail is really his son. Iqbal talks to him and tells him everything. Mehtaab gets shattered thinking both his sons are facing this day because of his mistake.

He survived the bomb blast and went across the border along with Iqbal, who was named Ameer under Bebe’s roof. Mehtaab has done his good upbringing and made Iqbal join army, just like Sameer joined army here for getting responsible. The good thing is Sameer survived the bullet which Purab shot and even has his memory intact. Mehtaab was also working for neighboring country and came India on his mission, then marrying Balbir, just as Iqbal has come now and married Meher.

Mehtaab returned to his country knowing everyone knows his truth and he is getting caught. Bebe regards him a traitor and hates him. Meher comes to Iqbal in morning and asks him to get ready to come in Purab’s engagement. He refuses and she insists a lot for family’s sake. Meher is worried for Minty’s future and prays that Lord does something and saves her from Purab. What will Iqbal do knowing Sameer is his brother? Keep reading.

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