Yamini and Nikumbh finally unite after Raghavendra accepts their love in Baawre

Yamini is upset as Raghavendra is not understanding her feelings and shares it with Dadi. . She says I don’t like lying to dad, but if I tell truth, he won’t let me spend time with Nikumbh, I wish he understood me. Azam gives exams and passes it to win Shaheen’s dad’s trust by showing he deserves Shaheen being educated and qualified now. Yamini says I don’t have good clothes. I m going in LFW, Nikumbh will also be with me. Dadi says oh, so you want to look good. Shaheen comes and says you will go there and look the best. Yamini says how, I don’t have anything stylish. Shaheen says she fixed her appointment with designer Sonakshi Raj. Yamini is happy and thanks Shaheen.

Dadi explains Raghavendra to learn from his mistake and how long will he make Yamini live her life on his terms. Raghavendra asks why are you saying this, if you are my mum, then I m Yamini’s dad, she is my own daughter, you are supporting Yamini, you don’t know people, I know how is Nikumbh, he is dreaming to win Lucknow, but he has to stay away from my daughter, else I will send him very away. He says see Yamini and shows her pic. He says is Nikumbh equal to her, he does not even have any home, he is staying at haveli like a beggar, will he keep Yamini happy. Raghavendra comes to meet Nikumbh and warns him again to be away from Yamini.

Nikumbh says but Yamini does not want this, she loves me and she can run away with me too. Raghavendra is shocked. Raghavendra threatens Nikumbh and asks him to think for one hour and leave from Yamini’s life. He calls up his goons and asks them to beat Nikumbh. Yamini hears this and runs to save Nikumbh. The goons beat up Nikumbh. Yamini comes in between and gets hit on her head. Nikumbh holds her. Raghavendra comes there and hears Nikumbh convincing Yamini. He asks her is she fine and asks did she get any wound. She moves back. Nikumbh brings a stick and gives him asking him to beat him and bring out his anger. Nikumbh says no use of it now, I know her, she won’t listen to you now. Yamini decides to leave her house and stay in haveli with Nikumbh.

Raghavendra comes home and scolds her for giving birth to such daughter. Dadi gets angry and slaps him. He is shocked. Dadi says she will not stay here and will go to stay in haveli. She says the day you realize your mistake, you give Yamini’s hand in Nikumbh’s hand. Yamini’s mum and Dadi leave the house. Yamini comes in Lakme Absolute Salon and gets a makeover. Raghavendra talks to Shaheen’s parents and tells about Azam. Shaheen’s dad says we know them, Azam is not a bad guy, he is a very nice guy. He says its good if we accept our children’s decision and respect it, as times have changed. He says it should not happen that they leave us and go. Raghavendra gets angry.

Raghavendra is shocked to know about Yamini is getting engaged to Nikumbh, against his wish. This can’t happen and he will stop them. He fakes a heart attack and Sumitra gets worried. The doctor checks Raghavendra and says its not a big thing, its just heart pain, not any attack, give him medicines, he will be fine till morning. He leaves. Yamini stays with him taking care of him and cries. Shaheen consoles him and asks her not to blame herself, as he will be fine. Azam tells Nikubh that he told Dadi and she said she won’t come, doctor said everything is fine, don’t know his engagement will happen tomorrow or not as Raghavendra has filled Shaheen’s parents’ ears against Azam. Shaheen and Yamini hear this and are shocked.

Yamini gets angry on Raghavendra for stopping Azam and Shaheen’s engagement and he is shocked as he was mistaken. She says she will live on her terms now and does not need him. Raghavendra comes to Yamini’s room and misses her. He gets her diary and Yamini always caring for him and always agreeing to her dad’s words and dreams. He realizes his mistake and comes to the haveli to meet her. Yamini asks Raghavendra to leave from the haveli. Nikumbh says atleast her to hear what he wants to say. Raghavendra apologizes and gives nod to her and Nikumbh’s marriage. She gets happy and hugs him. Nikumbh holds Yamini’s hand and says he has to show some surprise.

He takes her closing her eyes and shows I love you written by candles aligned. She smiles loving it. He confesses his love once again. He sits in his knees and proposes her with a rose. He says he wants to marry her and he promises he will always keep her life bright, I love you Yamini. She takes the rose and accepts his proposal. She hugs him and says you taught to hear my heart, I love you Nikumbh. The show ended this week on a happy note as Raghavendra accepted their love and Nikumbh and Yamini finally united after much problems.

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