Ishaana feels insecure about her relation with Nikhil in Gustakh Dil

Nikhil goes to Sonbarsa to meet Lajjo and arranges medicines for her seeing her in ill state. Last week were the Maha Episodes of Gustakh Dil of one hour each for one week. The Maha Episodes showed how Nikhil tries his best to save Lajjo from the epidemic disease. After Lajjo gets well, Nikhil attends her in the hospital and makes her happy and smile by acting as a socialite woman. Lajjo bursts into laughter seeing him. Nikhil gets glad seeing her laugh after a long time. They relation of husband and wife gets limited to friendship, but Lajjo is happy even with that as she had lost total expectations from him. Now she feels whatever she gets is enough.

Lajjo asks Nikhil to go back to his home as she is fine now. She becomes practical but does not know that Nikhil has signed the divorce papers. Nikhil feels guilty and tells her that he is feeling bad with what happened with her. He feels he is responsible for all this as Lajjo’s mum blames him for making Lajjo lose interest in living and her life. Nikhil wants to revive Lajjo and her interest in life. Lajjo can’t see Nikhil leaving but has to make her heart strong so that she can convince him to go back to Ishaana. She tells him to think of his love for Ishaana and that she might be waiting for him. Lajjo asks him to keep up his love for Ishaana as she deserves his love.

Nikhil sees Lajjo’s goodness and is bowled over. Nikhil meets Samrat and Anu and tells them that he is going back to Delhi. Baba, Nikhil’s grandpa talks to him about Lajjo. Nikhil tells him about his marriage with Lajjo, which happened by his wish but at the time he did not know the real meaning of it. He tells him that he never wanted to hurt Lajjo. He says he cares about Lajjo but can be only her friend, not become her husband. He says he will always take care of Lajjo, financially and give her freedom to study further as Lajjo wishes to study.

Lajjo finally leaves from Sonbarsa taking permission from Lajjo. Lajjo stands far and looks at him. Nikhil leaves with a heavy heart. Lajjo gets upset but accepts it by heart that whatever has given her, was more than he promised. Nikhil never lied to her that he will give her the rights of a wife. Lajjo knews this right from the day of her marriage that Ishaana was the first woman in Nikhil’s life and though he married her, she was the second woman in her own marriage.

Nikhil comes home and meets Gunjan and Barkha. Barkha is happy to see him but does not want him to think about Lajjo anymore. Nikhil sees Lajjo’s phone and is shocked to see that her phone had only one contact that was him. Gunjan tells him that Lajjo had only him in his life. Nikhil starts missing Lajjo and sleeps in her room. Days passes. Nikhil and Ishaana start spending time with each other and get closer like before. Barkha is glad to see them together. She asks Ishaana to make Nikhil forget Lajjo and win his heart. Nikhil still does not realize Lajjo’s importance in his life, but Lajjo always stays between him and Ishaana in his conversation and memories. Ishaana feels hurt seeing Lajjo has not away from him and has made a place in his heart.

Shreya tells Nikhil that Lajjo loves him from her heart and she told this to her long time before. Nikhil is shocked. Ishaana also knew this but she did not tell Nikhil thinking she may lose him if she tells him the truth. Nikhil says he still loves Ishaana and wants to be with her whole life. Lajjo asks Nikhil to marry Ishaana. Lajjo decides to study further. Her dad supports her and wants her to get admission in cuty college. He takes her to the city for making her dream come true. The whole village praises Lajjo for her goodness and blesses her to go ahead in life. What will Lajjo do now? Will Nikhil and Lajjo meet ever? Keep reading.