Jagya to approach Ratan Singh to save Mannu in Balika Vadhu

Singh family is standing with each other for battling with Mannu’s disease. Jagya informs his family that the medicines doesn’t have any good effect on Mannu’s condition. Saurabh’s parents comes to meet him in jail and curses Saachi. They meet Vivek and taunts him for getting Saurabh punished. Mannu goes through chemotherapy session. All the family members prays for his well being. They come home and see the house decorated. Mannu dresses up as a joker and entertains Mannu.

Anandi and her family come to attend Amol’s school Annual function. Amol performs on the wheel chair on the song Itni Si Khushi Itni Si Hasi. Anandi gets emotional and hugs him. Mannu shows painting to Ganga and tells her that he is ill. Ganga feels bad. Ganga decides to be happy for Mannu and decides not to be sad. She has faith on God.

Gehna’s mom comes to the haveli. She tells Dadisaa about searching for an alliance for her daughter. Dadisaa proposes an alliance for Gehna’s sister. she talks to the boy’s parents and invites them to see Kanchan. Ira asks Saachi to agree for marriage but she refuses. Ira asks Anandi to talk to her. Anandi decides to talk to her.

Anandi convinces Saachi for marriage. Anandi tells her that if Saurabh is in the world then there is Shiv too. She asks her to believe in her to be life partner as he will be the one who will love her and will share everything with her. Saachi trusts on her trust. She agrees. Anandi informs her family and makes them eat the sweets. Saachi comes to meet Vivek. Vivek gets angry on her. Groom’s family come to see Kanchan. They get happy seeing Kanchan and agrees for the alliance. They give shagun to Kanchan. Dadisaa asks them to give only 1001 Rs as shagun as they will be giving the same amount. She requests them to opt for simple wedding. Groom’s family agrees. Gehna’s mom gets thankful to Dadisaa.

Saachi comes to Vivek’s office. Vivek talks rudely with her and asks her to leave. Saachi tells him that Avanti and her husband wanted to thank him that’s why she brought them. She leaves. Vivek feels bad for taking his anger on Saachi. He calls her and apologizes. Saachi says, its ok.

Jagya asks Dadisaa to change the venue of Kanchan’s marriage as Mannu will be tired of marriage functions. Ganga says, he will be happy attending the functions. Saachi bonds with Amol and teaches him. Anandi feels happy. Gehna is touched with Dadisaa’s gesture. She thanks her for doing so much for her family. Dadisaa says, she is like her mother too.

Saachi and Vivek meet in the restaurant. Saachi tells him that she is doing NGO work for satisfaction and happiness. Vivek says, he will be doing the same thing. Vivek’s sister Ragini sees them together and insults Saachi for trying to steal Vivek from them. Saachi doesn’t reply to him. Ira calls her and asks her to come home as groom’s family is coming to see him. Al the family members awaits for Mannu’s return.

Jagya informs the family that chemotherapy sessions doesn’t have any effect on Mannu’s health. Mannu’s condition is deteriorated day by day. He breaks down and cries hugging Mannu. All the family get shattered. Ganga tells everyone that only one person can save Mannu and that is Ratan Singh. Sumitra agrees to take his help and asks Jagya to take his help to save Mannu. What will happen as Alok is planning to tell the truth to the boy’s family? Will Saachi and Vivek’s love blossom? Will Ratan agree to give bone marrow to Mannu? Stay tuned or Keep reading.