Ishaani tries to make Gauri and Pranav elope; Gauri agrees to forget Pranav seeing Baa’s anger in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

Ranvir is in love with Ishaani, since childhood. He is the man who believes in love at first sight. He recalls when he first met Ishani many years ago. He remembers when he had come to Mumbai in childhood with his father, who came to a big haveli to work as a driver, and the exact moment when he saw her for the first time, a young girl herself, when his life stopped, and his heartbeat began for the first time. He remembers being mesmerised by her beauty and taunts, and thats when he realised that he would never remember anything but her, Ishaani.

He even stares at her as she is his love and he just adores her. There is a marriage going on. Ishaani mingles in with the guests.Ishaani meets the bride Gauri, who feels restless and not comfortable with all the rituals going on. Ishaani finds her father talking to Ranvir outside. Ishaani gets someone’s call on Gauri’s phone. Ranvir finds that his boss’ shoelaces are undone and bends down to do it. He asks about his love. Ishaani’s dad tells him how much passionate he is for the love and Ranvir relates all the words to Ishaani looking at her.

He asks Ranvir to help him in finding a good guy for Ishaani. Gauri loves Pranav and he talks to Ishaana saying he will run away with Gauri. Ranvir’s father tells him to stay within their reality and not try to reach for the stars in the sky.Pranav comes there and looks at Gauri. She gets tensed knowing about his plan. Ishaani says today is the test of her love and she would have to face everyone boldly, and run off with the love of her life. Ishaani thinks that Ranvir would help her, but then doubts again that his faithfulness lies with the family and that she can’t tell him about Gauri and Pranav.

Ranvir looks at Ishaani and says one day she will marry someone else, so his one sided love is enough for him, as she is in his heart forever and he will always love her, no matter they marry or not. Ishaana asks Gauri to get ready to run during the sangeet function. Ranvir comes and hears all this. He stops Gauri and Pranav from running. Ishaani says they are in love and she wants to help them unite. She asks him does he love someone to understand what they are feeling, but they should help them.

She explains him what’s love for her and asks him to help her. He thinks what will Ishaani has to face after this, but he will stand by her side and will protect her, as she is his love. Baa is shocked to hear that Gauri has run away with some guy. Baa remembers Ishaani’s involvement. She asks Ishaani to tell the truth which makes Ishaani tensed. Ranvir sees this and takes all the blame on himself, shocking Ishaani.

Baa starts questioning Ranvir asking him how long did he know all this and did he really help them. She understands Ranvir is lying to her. Baa says its not easy to fool her, so whom is he trying to save now. She taunts Ranvir too for being so immature and that she knows how to get the truth out of him.She asks Ishaani again. The angry men start beating Ranvir while his father looks on. Baa insults Ranvir a lot and asks him to get back Gauri and Pranav. Ranvir leaves agreeing. Ranvir thinks he has to be faithful to his boss and really hunts for Gauri. Ishaana sticks to him and distracts him.

Ranvir understands her plan and fools her to get Gauri. She says that he did fulfill her dad’s responsibility but failed terribly at humanity.Gauri and Pranav think if they can’t stay together, then they can die together. They are taken to Baa, where she puts petrol on Pranav and wants to test his love. Baa asks him to burn himself while Gauri cries. Ishaani’s father tells Baa that his life is due to his love, and that he can’t let love be defeated like this and won’t let Gauri have to be deprived of the love that she has with Pranav.

Gauri asks Baa to leave Pranav and she will marry by her wish. Ishaani tells Gauri that she didn’t have the strength to fight for her love.Gauri explains her why she asked Pranav to leave, as she wants to see him alive and happy. Ranvir is amazed seeing this new side of love, where a person leaves the lover for his well being. Will Gauri be married to someone else? Keep reading.