Lajjo gives the radio interview well; Nikhil unaware of being trapped in diamond smuggling in Gustakh Dil

Nikhil and Lajjo are in the same mall and they walk side by side. While he moves far and Lajjo sees him. She runs to the corner and hides. Nikhil then sees her parents and is glad. Nikhil asks how come you are here in Delhi, whom are you finding. They lie to her and says we came here for govt work. Nikhil asks about Lajjo. Her dad says Lajjo is looking after her sisters, she is in village. Nikhil says you are like my parents, I feel like I met Lajjo meeting you. He touches their feet. Lajjo sees this and cries happily. Nikhil gives them the bangles he bought for Lajjo, he says what a coincidence I bought this and met you here. He says this is from my own salary. Lajjo’s mum gives Lajjo the bangles and she hugs it crying.

Ayesha and Ashiraj meet and they argue a lot, where she finally leaves being annoyed. Lajjo brings her parents to a clothes shop. Her mum talks on phone and goes out holding a saree. The shopkeeper insults her being a villager and coming to high class shops with no money. Lajjo slaps the salesman for calling her mum a thief. She says how dare you call my mum a thief. Her parents are shocked seeing Lajjo defend them so well. The manager apologizes to her. Her parents feel proud seeing Lajjo talk so well in English and becoming bold. Lajjo goes for a radio interview and gets dressed in blue jeans and white shirt. She looks good. Nethra comes there and acts very friendly.

She apologizes to her and says we should work as team for Sagar. She makes her eat the Prasad laddoos in which she has mixed Bhaang. Lajjo eats it and starts feeling dizzy. Anjali and Sagar come there and are shocked to see her. Ratri enjoys seeing this and starts taunting Lajjo. Anjali defends her. Sagar says Trishna you have to give this interview, you won’t get such chance again. Lajjo tries to get up and falls down. Sagar sees Lajjo high and gives her salt water. Lajjo vomits. Sagar says give me 10 mins. Kabir comes and taunts him asking him to take 10 months. Nani says I will find out where is Lajjo, she is in Delhi, I’m sure, as she gets her knee medicines outside the house.

Sagar asks Lajjo to have coffee and she becomes well. The radio interview starts with Ratri and Lajjo together. The RJ asks to become a star what do you need? Ratri says confidence, confidence and confidence. RJ says, today in front of me is confident Ratri. RJ asks Lajjo whats the name Trishna means. She says thirst. He asks her to tell one quality to become a star. Lajjo says its important to be a good human being first. Sagar and Anjali smiles. The RJ says who is Trishna, everyone wants to know you. She says friend, I will listen to you and say what you want to hear, as people are connected by hearts.

The RJ praises her and asks Ratri now. He asks where did she start from. Ratri says I was born rich, but my dream was to be a dancer, and a star, so I learnt classical dance, I m working hard to be a star. Lajjo says I did not dream to be a star. I wanted to educated, go ahead, be a good human being. She says I came Delhi to educate, I had to oay rent so I thought to do a job, I went to teach Sagar’s daughter, don’t know what he saw in me, and I agreed to get trained as he is my Guru, who is like Lord.

She gives good answers and says love matters to her the most. Lajjo gets many calls from listeners and Ratri loses out. Kabir gets annoyed as Sagar taunts him. Sagar and Anjali are really happy with Lajjo’s answers. Sagar teaches car driving to Lajjo and she bumps into Nikhil’s car. She sees Nikhil and hides. Sagar talks to Nikhil and they are glad meeting. Ayesha meets Adhiraj at the tea stall and tells him that she is marrying to a USA NRI and soon going. He gets angry. Ratri meets Nikhil at a restaurant and flirts with him. He tries to distance himself, but she starts crying to get his sympathy. She asks can we be friends. He says yes, we will meet later, I have meeting now. Nikhil is getting into a diamond smuggling problem but he is unaware. He leaves for Dubai on a business trip. Someone comes in his room and puts diamonds in his bag while he is sleeping.

Ratri informs this to Barkha. Sagar calls Barkha to tell about Lajjo’s good interview. She is shocked, but still tells him that she can’t sponsor her. Sagar is puzzled why is Barkha doing this. Sagar is going out of city and asks Lajjo to be with Mili for one night. Lajjo agrees. She makes Mili sleep and hears some sound. She sees a thief at home and is scared thinking what will she do being alone at home. Will Nikhil come to know Lajjo is Trishna? Keep reading.

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